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Allegiance (Short Story)

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Author Chris Wraight
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Sedition's Gate
War Without End

Cover Description

After the Second Battle of Prospero, the White Scars carry a lone sorcerer with them – Revuel Arvida, only survivor of the Wolf King’s wrath. Guided by the Stormseer Yesugei, he recovers his esoteric powers, as well as reliving memories of a world turned to ashes. But the sons of Chogoris are wounded too, riven by the treachery that almost destroyed them. As the Khan delivers his painful judgement on those of his warriors who swore the fateful blood oath, Arvida too must decide where his true allegiance lies – to those who saved him from oblivion, or to the lost legacy of his own primarch.


Revuel Arvida joined the Scars aboard the Swordstorm following the 2nd Battle of Prospero and spent his time recovering with Storm Seer Targutai Yesugei. Slowly, he began to regain his strength and his precognitive powers. Yesugei made repeated attempts to convince Arvida to join the Scars, even commissioning a hybrid pauldron to replace the one broken during the fighting. During this time, Arvida repeatedly experiences vivid dreams of his time at Prospero, searching for some lost artefact or remain of his brothers, the Thousand Sons, and he thinks often on Menes Kalliston. In his dream, he finds a pack of scrying cards once owned by Ahriman that he picks up, though he was warned against it by a mysterious White Scar. During this time, he began to experience the effects of the curse, which he kept secret from the Scars.

Arvida was brought into the trials of the oath breakers, a kurultai ("summit of the khans" led by Jaghatai Khan the Primarch) who would either be judged to become one of the sagyar mazan ("bringers of vengeance") or killed due to their taking of the tsusan garag (blood oath/death oath). The trial was of Orzun of the Brotherhood of the Hooked Blade, and he admitted to thinking the Emperor joined with xenos and that Horus was in the right. Although he knew that he was wrong, he sought death due to his taking the blood oath, and he refused to break oaths. It was Orzun who Arvida saw in his dreams, and the Khan quickly executed him, thought it brought him pain to do so. Contemplating fully joining the Scars, Arvida broke down and went so far as to almost fleeing aboard the small ship Tajik, because he believed that he had a destiny connected to the raven image associated with the Corvidae's emblem. Orzun's statements on not breaking oaths got to him, and he knew he could not turn back on who he was.