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Alsmo 3/66 Charis

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This page contains spoilers for: Runes (Short Story)

Alsmo 3/66 Charis was a Logis of the Adeptus Mechanicus.[1]

At one point, Charis was involved in the defence of a Forge World from a raiding force of Dark Eldar. In the aftermath of the battle, he recovered a Dark Eldar weapon, known as the Ayex Commorragh, which had been dropped by a dead Haemonculi.[1]

Charis wished to study the device personally, but realized that the Eldar would attempt to track down the Ayex and kill him; he therefore tried to hide it in a subterranean vault on the planetoid Gath Rimmon. His fears were realised when a squadron of Striking Scorpions, led by the Warlock Valiel, attacked him before he could seal the vault. Charis used the Ayex to defend himself, killing the Eldar warriors and imprisoning their souls within the dark cube.[1]

Over five millennia later, Charis returned to Gath Rimmon to recover the Ayex, but was almost killed when he was attacked by the native lifeforms of the planetoid. Fortunately for him, a task force of Space Wolves had been guided to Gath Rimmon by a psychic vision received by the Rune Priest Kolja Ravenblade, who saved his life. Convincing the Space Marines that he had come to Gath Rimmon to uncover archeotech, the Space Wolves escorted him to the vault.[1]

Once he had recovered the Ayex, Charis turned on the Space Wolves, seeking to eliminate any witnesses to his study of xenotech. The Logis killed two of the Space Wolves, Lokjr and Varek, but before he could kill the other two, Ravenblade used his psychic abilities to call forth the acid rain storms of Gath Rimmon, flooding the vault and destroying the Ayex. Charis was then killed by Baldr Svelok, when the Wolf Guard rammed his power fist through the Logis's head.[1]