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Altar of the Four Gods

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This page contains spoilers for: Honour Among Fiends (Short Story)

The Altar of the Four Gods was a Chaos monument located on the Daemon World of Sebaket.[1]

During the Siege of Terra, Captain Scaevolla of the Sons of Horus Traitor Legion sought out his old friend from the Great Crusade, Captain Aleph of the Imperial Fists and tried to convince him to join with Scaevolla and forsake the Imperium. Aleph refused and the two fought a duel that ended with Scaevolla killing Aleph. Enraged by his friend's betrayal, Scaevolla swore an oath to the Gods of Chaos that he would hunt down and kill any Imperial Fist who ever descended from Aleph's gene-seed. From then on, whenever Scaevolla killed one of Aleph's inheritors, he would place his victim's skull before the floating altar.[1]