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Altarion was a Venerable Dreadnought of the Ultramarines Chapter's 5th Company.[1]


Altarion already had a long and illustrious service record by the time of the Battle for Macragge, when his physical body was all but destroyed in combat with the Tyranids. He was interred within a Dreadnought chassis, and Lord Calgar himself presented Altarion with the mighty siege hammer that was attached to his mechanical arm.[1a]

Despite bouts of forgetfulness (a result of his advanced age), Altarion was in command of the Ultramarines garrison aboard the star fort Indomitable, which served as a prison for the daemon prince M'kar, whom Calgar had defeated, but was unable to destroy.[1a][2a]

When the Indomitable was boarded by the Iron Warriors, under the command of Warsmith Honsou, the Ultramarines were unable to prevent M'kar from being freed, and the Daemon Prince possessed Altarion's body.[2b]

During the Invasion of Ultramar, when Calgar confronted the Daemon Prince on Talassar, he saw vestiges of Altarion's body in M'kar's hideously twisted appearance, and whispered a prayer to the Venerable brother for forgiveness.[2b]

M'kar, inhabiting Altarion's body.[1]

Canon Conflicts

At several times, Altarion claims to have been a Marine of the Ultramarines First Company during the Battle for Macragge, often confusing his brothers aboard the Indomitable with those First Company Veterans. Iron Warrior suggests that Altarion was interred as a Dreadnought after his near-fatal wounding during the Battle[1x], but nearly all of the canon sources state that every member of the First Company died during the defense of Macragge's Polar Fortresses.[3][4]

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