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Althenian, sometimes known as Althenian Armourlost, is a Fire Dragon Exarch notable for spending more time as a Wraithlord than almost any other Exarch in Aeldari history[1a]


In life, Althenian served the Fire's Heart aspect shrine on Iyanden.[1a] In this form, seven Eldar (including the original) had been Althenian.[1d] Slain at the Battle of Two Hundred Pyres, Althenian's spirit was bound to his Wraithbone form by the Angel of Iyanden herself, Iyanna Arienal.[2] The head of his Wraithlord contained all seven of his past waystones.[1d] Known as "Armourlost," Althenian displayed more of his old self than is typical for a wraith construct. He became both bodyguard and companion to Iyanna, who theorized that his nature as an Exarch (unusual for the wraithbound) allowed his soul a greater vitality.[1a]

Just before the Battle of Dûriel, Althenian revealed to Iyanna that the Fire's Heart shrine, thought extinct since his passing, was being restored. What's more, the Armourlost's destroyed suit of armour was being regrown from the shrine, soon to be ready to take the Spirit stone|spirit stones from Althenian's wraithbone shell and accept a new bearer as Exarch. Prior to this point, the destruction of both his armour and shrine had led the Iyandeni to believe the Fire's Heart extinct and Althenian's interment within a Wraithlord permanent.[1a]

Althenian Armourlost marched with the Phoenix Host of Iyanden during the Battle of Dûriel, facing tyranids within the Webway[1b] as well as on the planet's surface. With the rest of the Phoenix Host, Althenian helped protect the Fireheart during the crucial final moments of the battle.[1c]

Dûriel was Althenian's final battle as a Wraithlord. He and Iyanna returned to Iyanden to find that, as predicted, both the Shrine of the Fire's Heart and Althenian's Exarch armour had been restored. Iyanna returned Althenian's waystones to his armour, ready for the next Eldar to take up the Exarch's mantle.[1d]


As an Exarch of the Fire Dragons, Althenian wore a suit of Exarch Armour and carried a Fire Pike.[1d]

As a Wraithlord, Althenian was known to use fusion guns in battle.[1c]