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Altid Crusade

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Altid Crusade
Date 299.M38
Location Altid 156
Outcome Imperial victory
Imperium Fallen-led Rebels
Unknown Zeriah
Imperial Guard
Dark Angels
Unknown Imperial Guard
At least 12 Dark Angels

The Altid Crusade was a joint operation between the Imperial Guard and Dark Angels in 299.M38.[1]

One of the planets involved was Altid 156. The world had seceded from the Imperium and was home to millions of pilgrims. The crusade council ordered one Imperial Guard regiment to the planet, but rescinded the order when the Dark Angels insisted on assaulting the world themselves. The assault force was extreme for a world of pilgrims, but the Dark Angels knew that there was a Fallen among the populous. The Ravenwing sought out and pinned down the forces surrounding the enemy main base before the Deathwing teleported into the building. It was here that they met the Fallen they had been searching for, Elucidax the Keeper or to the Dark Angels, "Zeriah", former captain of the Dark Angels 14th assault company during the Great Crusade. He killed a dozen Dark Angels before he was near mortally wounded. He was transported back to the Rock where Asmodai extracted a confession leading to the capture of Zeriah's entire warband, but Zeriah refused to acknowledge his sins for joining the rebellion with Luther and as such languishes alone in a cell.[1]

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