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Amalgamation Schism

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The Amalgamation Schism was a battle by the Imperium against a Warp-tainted Space Hulk.[1]


Although the Warp storms that once cut it off had lifted, the Brakatoa System remained plagued by strange eddies in the Immaterium. Warp-transit in its vicinity proved particularly hazardous – aside from being thrown off course, spacecraft faced increased risk of time alterations and daemonic incursion. Despite the warnings, many ships were caught in the wayward crosscurrents. So many derelict spacecraft and Warp anomalies materialized just outside of Brakatoa that the region became known colloquially as Hulk Alley. From Rhoghon, the Crimson Sabres routinely launched missions to explore these hulks, their fleet blasting paths through the debris and using the larger clusters for target practice.[1]

Even before the space hulk designated Amalgamation fully emerged out of Warp, psychic choirs in the Brakatoa System began receiving desperate pleas for help. Other comms channels followed as the process of solidifying into realspace took place. What appeared was a hulk in every sense of the word – an enormous conglomerate made of a miserable mangle of many star-faring craft compacted together. At the heart of the sprawling Amalgamation was a pilgrimage transport, a barricaded vessel where many millions of colonists were under siege by Warp entities.[1]

All available elements of the Crimson Sabres were called into action, but they were not alone in responding. Following some trail of their own, the Dark Angels arrived shortly after and requested to enter the space hulk alone. This appeal was dropped after the arrival of a Blood Angels Strike Cruiser. Having the most senior officer present, the Blood Angels claimed overall command – but even as they did so, the Crimson Sabres followed their own protocols and launched boarding torpedoes towards the hulk. Soon, the other forces joined by Thunderhawk landings, while Deathwing Terminators teleported directly onto the craft. The Marines cleared the hulk of a minor Daemonic presence. With the mission over, the Space Marines made ready to return to their respective ships – leaving the surviving colonists to the Inquisition.[1]

In their zeal to follow procedures and their continued eagerness to prove themselves, the Crimson Sabres had not deferred to two of the most heralded Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. Unspoken tradition had been breached, and the Crimson Sabres were coldly treated as impudent newcomers rather than as comrades in arms. Moreover against standard procedure, a Dark Angels Chaplain had captured one of the colonist pilgrims. The Chaplain had been in the midst of harsh interrogations when several squads of Crimson Sabres interrupted his work. They challenged him, claiming that some Warp malady must have possessed the Dark Angel for him to act so, and a brief firefight ensued. This resulted in casualties amongst both Chapters, and the subsequent escape of the tormented hostage. Clearly infuriated, for moments it seemed the Dark Angels were on the verge of retaliation, but they soon disappeared with the arrival of the Inquisitors.[1]


Though a minor confrontation, the events known as the Amalgamation Schism set off a chain of events that was to have wider repercussions. Within days, the Crimson Sabres stronghold of Decavitum received words of censure from Terra, and most probably from their founding Chapter as well, although no records remain. This was little more than remonstrance, a lesser rebuke that let it be known that failure to properly acclaim the Dark Angels and Blood Angels had brought the Crimson Sabres dishonor, a tarnish that did not sit well with their gloried predecessors.[1]