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Amatnim Ur-Nabas Lash

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This page contains spoilers for: Apocalypse (Novel)

Amatnim Ur-Nabas Lash was a Word Bearers Chaos Lord, and veteran of the Horus Heresy, who led an invasion of the Imperial Odoacer System, sometime after the Great Rift's creation.[1a]


However his main goal was the conquest of the Cardinal World Almace, for beneath its surface was an imprisoned Word Bearer, who was the true target of the invasion. Amatnim had discovered the existence of the prisoner, during an invasion of an Imperial Ecclesiarchy world that contained their lost brother's extensive writings. To his surprise, they were passages of their Primarch Lorgar's Lectitio Divinitatus and it appeared the Ecclesiarchy had been reading and incorporating the words into their teachings of the Imperial Creed[1b]. Soon afterwards the Chaos Lord received a vision, he thought came from his Primarch, which ordered him to free the captured Word Bearer[1c]. This led Amatnim to believe he would be the one, to end Lorgar's self-imposed hermitage and allow the Primarch to bring the fractious Word Bearers under his single command once again[1f]. In order to fulfill his destiny, Amatnim began looking for the prisoner and gathering the warhost he would need to free his lost brother[1a]. Centuries later, he finally discovered the prisoner's location was on Almace, and brought this news to the Word Bearer's Dark Council. There Kor Phaeron, who Amatnim was a follower of, personally charged the Chaos Lord with bringing their captured brother back to Sicarus[1b]. By the time Amatnim began the invasion, the Chaos Lord had grown extremely powerful and had made himself a rival to demigods and Daemon Princes. He also possessed a hundred worlds, controlled both a large army, and armada headed by his flagship Glory Eternal, which he had taken from the Ultramarines. All this made him a formidable opponent and, along with the large number of forces given to him by the Dark Council, Amatnim's armada easily crushed the Odoacer System's Imperial Navy defense fleet.[1a]

With no other force left to stop him, the worlds of Odoacer began to fall to the Word Bearers, as they made their way to Almace. Not all the Word Bearers under his command wanted Amatnim to succeed, though, as Erebus had planted many of his agents within the warhost. It had been Amatnim's hope that Lorgar's return would scour Erebus' influence from the Word Bearers and agents like the Dark Apostle Lakmhu, were ordered to make sure that did not happen. The Chaos Lord was well aware of this and tried repeatedly to convince the Dark Apostle to turn upon Erebus, as simply killing Lakmhu would invite others to challenge Amatnim's rule of the warhost. Each of his attempts would fail, however, and[1b], another threat soon presented itself to the Chaos Lord, as the Word Bearers neared Almace. Unknown to the warhost, as they had been advancing through the System an Indomitus Crusade strike force, led by the Imperial Fists Lieutenant Heyd Calder, had heard Almace's plea for aid and rushed to begin fortifying the Cardinal World. The strike force's fleet would then attempt to slow Amatnim's armada down, but they were heavily outnumbered. While Amatnim lost a number of warships to their attacks, the Chaos Lord set several ambushes[1e] which destroyed most of the Indomitus strike force's fleet[1f]. This left only the Imperial forces defending Almace to stop him, but before they reached the Cardinal World, Amatnim was forced to confront Lakmhu. He could not afford to have the Dark Apostle betray him at this venture and ordered Lakmhu and Erebus' other agents, to seize Almace's Primus asteroid facilities, which lay close to the world. He hoped they would die in the attempt, but if not the Chaos Lord would do away with Lakmhu and his ilk, after the long sought after prisoner was freed[1g]. Amatnim then unleashed his hordes on the Cardinal World and what followed was a massacre as the Chaos Lord's forces overwhelmed the Imperials.[1h]

He was soon able to advanced upon the palace, that held the captive World Bearer's cell, when Lieutenant Calder led a failed desperate attempt to stop the Chaos Lord. Amatnim however easily overpowered the Lieutenant[1i] and was about to kill him when the prisoner the Word Bearers came to free, unexpectedly intervened on the Imperial forces behalf. Revealed to be a Contemptor Dreadnought named the Anchorite, he then uttered a lost word of Colchis, which created a bright light that banished the Chaos Lord's Daemon allies back to the Warp. Left surprised by the Anchorite's actions, Amatnim greeted his lost brother and told the Dreadnought they had come to bring him back to his Legion. To his shock however, the Dreadnought immediately refused Amatnim's offer. Though he was left confused by the Anchorite's answer, the Chaos Lord told him to stand aside, so the Word Bearers could kill those who had imprisoned the Dreadnought for millennia. Instead, the Anchorite attacked the Chaos Lord, all while he decried the lies the Chaos Gods and Lorgar had told the Word Bearers, which began their damnation. He then praised the God-Emperor for saving his soul and in a rage, Amatnim destroyed one of the Anchorite's arms, but the determined Dreadnought still fought on. Though, because the Word Bearers were ordered to bring him back alive, the Anchorite was able to kill many of his brothers, all while roaring the words of the Divinitatus, before Imperial reinforcements finally arrived. With that, the Word Bearers' were defeated and Amatnim, was confronted by Lieutenant Calder. As his forces were killed around him, Amatnim told Calder that even though they were defeated, the Word Bearers had truly won a victory on Almace. The Anchorite's existence had been revealed and the truth that the Imperial Creed was based on Lorgar's Lectitio Divinitatus could not be denied. They both followed the same path, laid down by his Primarch, only the Word Bearers were farther down upon it, than the Imperium. A vindicated Amatnim then made no attempt to defend himself, as the Lieutenant fatally struck him down with a Power Sword.[1d]