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Ambition Knows No Bounds (Short Story)

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Ambition Knows No Bounds
Author Andy Hoare
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Fear the Alien
Rogue Trader

Cover Description

On the fringes of the Imperium, rogue trader Brielle Gerit and her crew search for ancient artefacts and unimaginable riches on a long-abandoned world. But a mysterious psychic presence nags at their very souls and time has stopped obeying its own laws. What is it that haunts the darkness of the forsaken world, and can they escape it alive?


Rogue Trader Brielle Gerrit, of the Arcadius, ventures into a xenos construction on a desert world in search of alien technology to sell to the highest bidder. Unbeknownst to her is that she will in fact awaken the sleeping Necrons within, barely escaping with her life.


Unknown Desert World, Necron Tomb and the Fairlight


This page contains spoilers for: Ambition Knows No Bounds (Short Story)
  • Brielle Gerrit - Rogue Trader looking for technology to on sell.
  • Joachim Hep - Advisor of Brielle Gerrit
  • Santos Quin - Born of a feral world, body guard to Brielle Gerrit. Dies in the heart of the tomb.
  • Adept Seth - Astropath of the Fairlight, dies in the heart of the tomb. Was sensing the Necrons before they awoke, however could only give vague, nonsense descriptions of his visions.