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Amchanduste Worlin

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Amchanduste Worlin was the head of a minor industrial guild of Vervunhive, during the Siege of Vervunhive.


During the surprise attack of Vervunhive's rival city, Ferrozoica, Worlin panicked and fled his office, seeking shelter in his own home. Coming upon a packed commuter train, he first pleaded for entry, then drew a needler pistol and killed a dozen of the unarmed civilians inside, causing the rest to flee. He rode the now-empty train back to his residence.[1a] Later, Worlin killed the two bodyguards who accompanied him on that day, to cover up his crime.[1b]

After Vervunhive's ally and neighbour, Vannick Hive, was destroyed by the Chaos forces, the city's military command ordered the promethium pipelines connecting the two cities to be sealed, to prevent possible infiltration into the city. However, the one operated by Worlin's family was still operating and delivering promethium to his stocks. Seeing a potential windfall, Worlin ignored the military's orders and kept the pipeline operating. When his secretary questioned this course of action, Worlin killed him as well.[1c]

In the following weeks of the siege, Worlin was a happy man: with a virtual monopoly on promethium, he sold his stocks for premium prices and made enormous profits, enough that he anticipated buying a place for his family among the elite ruling houses when the war was over.[1e]

Worlin's actions led to catastrophe: the Zoican forces, including tanks and thousands of troops, entered Vervunhive through the pipeline and appeared behind the main body of the defenders, inflicting heavy casualties.[1e] It was only a counterattack led by General Grizmund and his Narmenian Armoured units that routed the Chaos forces.[Needs Citation]

During the desperate battle, Sergeant Ceglan Varl noticed the promethium residue on the tank bodies and uniforms of the Chaos forces; collected with other pieces of evidence, this was enough to convince Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt to start an investigation into the guild houses.[1f]

When Warmaster Macaroth arrived at Vervunhive with reinforcements, his own staff reviewed Gaunt and Varl's reports. Based on their findings, the Vervun Primary authorities stormed into Worlin's residence, seeking to arrest him for war crimes.[1g]

By that time, however, his earlier crimes had already caught up with him. Despite the tumult of the siege, the Tanith First's Chief Medic, Tolin Dorden, had noticed the dozen corpses from the train, among the thousands of dead and wounded, and noted that they were killed by needler wounds instead of Zoican weaponry.[1d] Dorden and Surgeon Ana Curth sent a routine inquiry to Worlin, asking him if he witnessed anything relevant.[1e] In a panic, Worlin slipped into the military's field hospital to kill Dorden and Curth, but was killed by a bolt round from Gaunt, who was recuperating in another part of the hospital.[1g]