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Amendera Kendel

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Amendera Kendel

Amendera Kendel was a member of the Sisters of Silence during the Horus Heresy. She went on to become Malcador's Agentia Tertius and was the first human to declare Exterminatus.


Amendera Kendel was born around thirty years before the Horus Heresy[1a] recruited from a world in the Belladone Reach by the Silent Sisterhood. She met Emrilia Herkaaze in the hold of the Black Ship and the two became friends during their aspirant trials.[2]

At some point Kendel and Herkaaze encountered a fire-witch on Sheol Trinus. Unwilling to fall back and regroup, Herkaaze was struck by burning debris that blinded her left eye and badly scarred her face. The friendship between the two soured afterwards as Herkaaze blamed Kendel for not supporting her.[2]

By the end of the Great Crusade, Kendel had achieved the rank of Oblivion Knight, commanding the Black Ship Aeria Gloris and the Storm Dagger Witchseeker Cadre. Kendel's cadre was assigned to aid the Death Guard Legion in exterminating an incursion by the Jorgall, a xenos species, towards the end of the Great Crusade.[1a] During this action she came into contact with Death Guard Battle-Captain Nathaniel Garro, who impressed her with his dutiful service.[1b]

Horus Heresy

Kendel and the Aeria Gloris intercepted the Phalanx in the Sol System when it returned with the survivors of the Eisenstein aboard, taking Euphrati Keeler into custody as a psyker. Kendel guarded the survivors of the Eisenstein incident on Luna while they waited for their fate to be decided, leading her cadre into battle with the corrupted Solun Decius.[1c]

Kendel was sent by Knight-Commander Jenetia Krole and Witchseeker Pursuivant Celia Harroda to track down the missing Black Ship Validus commanded by fellow Oblivion Knight Herkaaze. The two Knights tracked down the psyker gestalt that had taken over the ship. After it claimed to be a future version of Leilani Mollitas, an aspirant accompanying Kendel, Herkaaze attacked the Leilani Mollitas of the present and killed her to end the threat before it began. Left alone with Kendel, Herkaaze broke her Vow of Tranquillity, chastising Kendel for thinking that the message from the future was worth hearing and claiming only the God-Emperor had the right to change the course of history.[2]

Agentia Tertius

Kendel was summoned along with Garro and Captain Iacton Qruze of the Sons of Horus by Malcador the Sigillite to form the beginnings of an organisation which would utilise "men and women of inquisitive nature, hunters who might seek the witch, the traitor, the mutant, the xenos".[1d]

Kendel became Malcador's Agentia Tertius, marked with a brand of liquid metal scars that formed the sigil of the Regent of Terra, imbuing her with his authority. She also relinquished the Vow of Tranquillity, though she considered her oaths changed rather than broken. She returned to the Somnus Citadel to recruit Bajun Kyda and Helig Gallor for a mission to Proxima Majoris. After discovering that the leaders of Proxima Majoris had betrayed the Imperium, Kendel became the first human to declare Exterminatus.[3]


Kendel cut a lithe figure, even in her armour. She wore fine chainmail and golden armour plate, the torso section of which was crafted to resemble a bodice. She wore her purple-black hair up in a topknot, exposing the red aquila tattooed on her head. A red aquila was also etched across her armour, above her shoulder blades.[1a]