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Amurael Enka, also known as Amurael the Corrupted, is a Chaos Dreadnought of the Black Legion. Originally, Amurael was an Apothecary of the Sons of Horus who after the Horus Heresy became one of the Ezekarion, a close ally to Abaddon the Despoiler and a founding member of the Black Legion. Within the Black Legion, Amurael was known as the Master of the Flesh Harvest and worked with Iskandar Khayon to recover Moriana on Maeleum.[2]

At some point, Amurael was cleft in two by a Khornate Daemon. His shattered remains were entombed in a Dreadnought allowing him to fight on, and he later took part in battles against the Crimson Fists.[1]

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