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Ana Curth

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Ana Curth was a surgeon who lived and worked in Vervunhive on the planet Verghast[1a] and who later became a medic of the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard Regiment (the so-called "Gaunt's Ghosts").[1d][2a]



Curth was assigned to Inner Hab Collective Medical Hall 67/mv by the time of the Siege of Vervunhive.[1a][1b] She was one of many medicae charged with aiding the refugees fleeing the outer habs of Vervunhive when the hive came under attack by the Ferrozoicans in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, having authority over a section of the Square of Marshals near the Heironymo Sondar Gate.[1a]

While operating in the conflict, Curth struck up a friendship with Chief Medical Officer Tolin Dorden of the Tanith First and Only, one of the regiments of the Astra Militarum sent to aid Vervunhive by the Crusade.[1b][1c] This led to her accepting Warmaster Macaroth's Act of Consolation and joining the Tanith First as a medic in the aftermath of the war (Vervunhive having been mostly destroyed and planned to be abandoned).[1d][1e][2a]

Sabbat Worlds Crusade

Although Curth lacked experience in treating combat injuries prior to the Siege of Vervunhive, she quickly adapted. Even in the earliest actions that the regiment was deployed in following Verghast, both Gaunt and Dorden considered her a valued medic to the Tanith First.[2a][2c] She was also noted by some for being one of the first Verghastite "Ghosts" to try to embrace certain aspects of Tanith culture - in particular liberal use of the Tanith swear-word "feth" in place of the Verghastite "gak".[3b] She also developed a taste for sacra[3b], although she initially didn't care for the drink.[2e]

When the bulk of the regiment was detailed as an honour guard on Hagia, Dorden elected to remain behind to tend to those Guardsmen who were wounded in the retaking of the Holy Doctrinopolis from the Infardi. Curth was effectively the chief medical officer for the honour guard in his place.[2b]

After the honour guard sustained casualties in the Battle of Bhavnager, it was decided to leave the wounded in Bhavnager with a garrison to protect the town in preparation for the honour guard's return journey. Curth decided to stay to treat the wounded, with Lesp becoming the Tanith's acting chief medic for the remainder of the mission.[2d]

While stationed in Bhavnager, Curth became the first person that Sergeant Gol Kolea confided in regarding his family - prior to joining the Tanith First in the aftermath of Vervunhive, Kolea believed that all of his family members (his wife Livy and two children Dalin and Yoncy) had died in the siege.[2e] To his shock, however, while deployed on Hagia he discovered that his children had actually survived and were in the care of fellow Ghosts Tona Criid and Dermon Caffran.[2b][2e] Kolea had decided not to reveal himself to the children, afraid that it would emotionally scar them.[2e][3b] Curth agreed not to tell Kolea's children that their father was still alive, but felt that Kolea should have revealed the truth.[2e] Later, over the course of the Phantine campaign, Curth's worries grew. She believed, partially based on testimony from Sergeant Varl to Dorden[3a], that Kolea was starting to become suicidal. Just prior to the assault on Ouranberg, she finally convinced Kolea to come clean, with Kolea agreeing to do so after the battle was over.[3b]