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The sword Anaris is a special Eldar sword, said to have been the last (and mightiest) of the 100 swords that the Eldar God Vaul forged in his pact with Khaine in order to release Isha from Khaine's dungeon. Khaine used the hundred swords to fight Kaelis Ra and the Yngir, but nearly lost the battle due to one of the swords being imperfect. When Khaine found out about it, he realized that Vaul had cheated him on this one of the hundred swords.[4] Vaul reforged that blade to Anaris, but Khaine fought and eventually crippled him, taking Anaris for himself.[1] When Khaine later battled Eldanesh, Eldanesh used Anaris which was brought to him by Faolchú.[2][3] Khaine defeated Eldanesh and re-claimed Anaris for himself, but when Khaine finally got shattered by Slaanesh, Anaris also got shattered into shards.[5]

Anaris is not to be confused with the Wailing Doom, which is the weapon of the Avatar of Khaine, not Khaine himself.


Conflicting sources

The article Anaris - The Sword of Dawnlight, says that Khaine claimed the blade as his own after crippling Vaul.[1] However, the Falcon article appearing in the same Codex, states that Eldanesh (after receiving the blade from Faolchú) wielded the blade before his doomed encounter with Khaine.[2][3]