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Anchor World

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Anchor Worlds are a new Imperial planetary classification of indomitable strongholds, that Lord Commander Solar Arcadian Leontus created on the onset of the Fourth Tyrannic War.[1]

Each was personally chosen by Leontus and they served as a backup plan, should the Solblades fleets fail in stopping the Leviathan tendrils Nautilon and Promethor in Segmentum Pacificus. In order for this to occur, though, each world had to be located on the nominal border between Pacificus and Segmentum Solar and also be in the likely eastward path the advancing tendrils were taking. Other qualifications included laying on a major warp route to the galactic west and being located in a Sub-Sector that was notable for its stable military and logistical networks. Finding such worlds that met every criteria was rare, but when they were found, large Imperial fleets were dispatched to turn them into Anchor Worlds. Once established, the strongholds were crucial in the war against the Leviathan tendrils, as the Imperium's military forces and supplies could be dispatched into Segmentum Pacificus, using the Warp Routes the Anchor Worlds were connected to.[1]

Notable Anchor Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Sector Subsector System Population Notes
Sanctum[1] Segmentum Pacificus Bastior Sub-sector Also the Homeworld of the White Templars Chapter

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