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Angel's Halo

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Angel's Halo
The Red Scar warzone
Date Early M42
Location Red Scar
Outcome Ongoing
Imperium Tyranids
Chapter Master Dante
Chapter Master Gabriel Seth
Chief Librarian Mephiston
Captain Sendini
Lieutenant Perdaelus
Hive Mind
Blood Angels
Flesh Tearers
Angels Encarmine
Imperial Guard
Imperial Navy
Tendrils of Hive Fleet Leviathan
Unknown Unknown

The Angel's Halo is an ambitious campaign of reconquest, launched by the Blood Angels' Chapter Master Dante, to reclaim the Red Scar's Systems, which have been invaded by Hive Fleet Leviathan.[1a]

To support the campaign, Dante and his fellow Chapter Masters have dispatched forces to fight holding actions and reclamation operations against the Tyranids throughout the Red Scar region. In order to ensure the Angel's Halo succeeds, Dante has also not hesitated to call upon the full breadth of his newly conferred authority, as Regent of the Imperium Nihilus.[1a]


The Angel's Halo began in the aftermath of the Devastation of Baal at the order of Dante and is being fought by the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters, who have chosen to aid them. The objective of Dante was to save the Red Scar from the remaining tendrils of Leviathan. However the immediate task was to redeploy the surviving Blood Angels and Successor assets in the aftermath of the Devastation of Baal.[1a]

A significant issue for the Imperials was the Tyranid Shadow in the Warp, which had intensified to such a degree that it was causing madness in even Guardsmen and other non-augmented Imperial servants. Even the Blood Angels Librarians strained under the effect amid widespread riots and civil strife across the Red Scar. This confounded the mysterious Psychic Awakening, which saw large numbers of Psykers born across the Galaxy. The Imperials began to fear what the effects might have on a powerful Psyker, whose populations were no longer being controlled in lieu of regular visits by the League of Black Ships. To prevent disaster the Blood Angels were forced to use their own Librarians to oversee Psykers among the mass of refugees fleeing Leviathan. Upon identification, the psykers were conducted with mental interrogation to decide what sort of threat they could pose. However many more Psykers fell through the cracks. The Hive Mind did not fail to notice this weakness among its prey, and used psychic beasts on battlefields as the Blood Angels Librarians were forced to deal with internal threats.[1a]

The first move of the Angel's Halo oversaw Dante himself retaking the rest of the Baal System. He led a squadrons of ships to the outer gas giant of Kheru, battling Tyranid swarms upon the moons of the gas giant. While Dante fought to secure the Baal System, Gabriel Seth and the Flesh Tearers struck at three nearby Systems dubbed the Points of Grace which were to be established as staging posts for further expansion. These were the Industrial World Ashallon, the Gamma IV System's linked space stations and orbital platforms and the last being the Fortress World Bhelik Alphus[1a]. Seth led an attack on Ashallon, Vanguard Space Marines of the Angels Encarmine targeted Gamma IV, and the Blood Angels 5th Company with additional significant Chapter reserves under Captain Sendini struck at Bhelik Alphus.[9b]


The entire Imperial presence on the arid Sentinel World of Kheru was bottled up in four fortified sensoria-cities in the southern hemisphere. The Tyranids had surrounded these sites and were assaulting them in waves. Though cut off from the influence of the Hive Mind, the swarms were far from directionless as Dante had hoped; it was clear that some kind of control was still exerted over them. Lieutenant Perdaelus led the force that advanced upon Sensorem Primus, the largest and capital facility of Kheru. The Human garrison had quickly fallen to the Tyranids, but the Blood Angels Reiver Squads were able to insert themselves two miles from their target with the aid of Chief Librarian Mephiston, who shielded their presence psychically. Infiltrators and Incursors gathered intelligence while the city's remaining Blood Angels and automated defenses kept the Tyranids at bay.[1f]

The Vanguard Marines struck with the element of surprise, advancing from cover to cover along an ancient riverbed. Attacking several broods at once, the Blood Angels spread out from their initial line of advance. The Tyranids reacted instantly, but were met by Reivers and Mephiston. The Vanguard suddenly withdrew as Eliminators opened up from the riverbed's high banks as the Tyranids surged after the withdrawing Marines. Lictors and Genestealers now appeared among the Blood Angels flanks and rear, and the fighting to defeat this threat was desperate for the Imperials. It was then that Dante's own forces entered combat. Mephiston and the Vanguard had drawn away the Tyranids from the Sensoria-city, stretching the aliens' reach and forcing them to fight on two fronts. Using this advantage, Dante's Sanguinary Guard and Suppressors targeted the Tyranid leader-beasts while Mephiston and Perdaelus led the Vanguard to hammer the remaining broods.[1f]

Kheru's moons were also infested by Genestealers and Commander Dante personally led a Blood Angels strike force to cleanse them. The Commander would fight surrounded by the Sanguinary Guard and the Sanguinor himself, later appeared to aid Dante against the Genestealers[2a]. During the battle, Veteran Squad Rasmiel was attacked by a large number of the Xenos, that were led by their Broodlord. Though they were outnumbered and alone, the Veterans were able to kill many of the Genestealers, before the last of the squadron died.[2b]


At Ashallon, the Flesh Tearers' Astropaths and Navigators had significant issues traveling close to the system. A source of psychic trauma was identified at Ashallon's city-sized refinery in the northern polar region. It was accessible only by a single megalithic bridge, the Via Velestos.[1c]

The Flesh Tearers' ships passed the destroyed orbital defenses then struck at the Tyranid Bio-Ships as the Marines launched a dropship attack on Ashallon itself. Due to the violent disruptive storms of the polar regions, the Flesh Tearers had to land further south. He landed armored assets and journeyed north, using Intercessors and the Death Company to fight off swarms of Tyranid flyers. However the heat of battle caused many of the Flesh Tearers to succumb to their rage, causing their lines to dissect as they reached the buttress of the bridge. It was then that Imperial Navy elements arrived to support the Flesh Tearers, deploying Valkyrie and Vendetta gunships. The Flesh Tearers used this opportunity to move to the city's Astropathic Tower to end the source of the psychic disturbance. Inside, they discovered a breed of psyker-beast feeding on the twitching husks of Astropaths. Gabriel Seth himself was able to slay the creature with his massive Chainsword.[1c]

Bhelik Alphus

The Blood Angels force which arrived at Bhelik Alphus under the command of Captain Sendini consisted of not only the 5th company, but reserves from the 9th and significant armored assets. After landing, they made their primary target the fortified fort complex at Rhikan. There was still an Imperial Guard garrison alive within the complex, desperately holding off Tyranid swarms which included vicious subterranean beasts. The Blood Angels landed gunships at the port itself as Sendini ordered the Guardsmen evacuate and join the Space Marines.[1d]

No longer held back at the port's defenses, the Tyranids swarmed into the initial facilities. As the garrison withdrew, Suppressors fired into the oncoming Tyranids until the Guardsmen reached the cover of the port buildings. The Blood Angels Fire Support Squads and entrenched Guardsmen then opened up, turning the port into a killing field. It was then that a massive Mawloc appeared, accompanied by a force of Zoanthropes and led by a Hive Tyrant. Worse still for the Imperials, Genestealers erupted from within the buildings. The Tyranids unleashed psychic assaults that devastated the Imperial Guard elements and the Blood Angels called in air support. However, these were countered by the return of several Tyranid Bioships. It was then that the garrison's troops erupted in the psychic power of a Tyranid witch-assault, consuming xenos and Humans alike. Bhelik Alphus was falling and hope for the Imperials was fading fast.[1e]


This region sees the Battle of Acrabellar where the Blood Angels, Blood Scythes, Cruor Blades and Flesh Eaters fought to defend the invaded Shrine World.[2c]

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