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Angels Encarmine

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The Angels Encarmine are a Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels Legion and were created during the Second Founding.[Needs Citation]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Angels Encarmine -
Founding Chapter: Blood Angels
Founding: Second Founding[Needs Citation]
Chapter Master: Castellan Zargo[4b]
Homeworld: Unknown
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Red (see below)
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Rarely at full strength[4b]
Battle Cry: Unknown
AE Shoulder Pad.jpg


It is said that no Space Marine Chapter is as active as the Angels Encarmine. Their Chapter Master, Castellan Zargo, cannot rest at peace and so forever seeks opportunities to lead his Battle-Brothers on campaign. As a result, the Angels Encarmine are rarely at full strength, though what they lack in numbers is more than compensated for in determined fervour.[4b]

Chapter Colours and Organisation

Angels Encarmine Sanguinary Guard and Death Company Battle-Brothers (Arrayed in their non-standard white alabaster colored power-armor)

While the Angels Encarmine still follow the organisational traditions of their parent chapter, their Death Company and their Sanguinary Guard are armoured in pure white alabaster instead of the traditional black or gold.[4a] It is worrying to note that their Death Company rarely numbers less than 30 warriors, implying increasing instability in their gene-seed.[4b] Recently, they became the first Blood Angels Successor to put Primaris Space Marines into their Death Company.[9a]

The Chapter's emblem is a red blood drop with black bat wings.[2][4a]

Noted Elements of the Angels Encarmine

Notable Battles

Angels Encarmine Marine[6b]

Notable Members

Canon Conflicts

In Codex: Angels of Death (2nd Edition) and Codex: Blood Angels (3rd Edition), the Angels Encarmine are depicted as wearing vermillion-coloured armour with a yellow chest eagle, black shoulder pad trims and backpack.[1][2]

In How to Paint Space Marines, however, the chapter is depicted in the scheme used by the Angels Vermillion: carmine armour with a yellow chest eagle.[3]

Codex: Blood Angels (5th Edition) conforms to the older codices.[4a]


Name Type Sources
Red Dawn Power Axe [5]

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