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Angels Excelsis

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Angels Excelsis
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Founding Chapter: Blood Angels
Founding: M36
Chapter Master: Follordark
Homeworld: Fleet Based[1d]
Colours: White legs, arms and backpack,
deep crimson torso[1a]
Strength: Destroyed[1b]
Battle Cry 'Slay! By the Blood! By the Great Angel!'[1c]

The Angels Excelsis are an extinct Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels Chapter.[1]


The Angels Excelsis were a Fleet Based Chapter, founded by three hundred Space Marines in M36. Most of these founding members were killed within a year of the Chapter's birth, though, as the Angels Excelsis' first mission had been a difficult one and filled with hardships. Despite their deaths, however, the names and the history of the founding members were well recorded by the Chapter and they were still remembered millennia later.[1a]

Known Battles

  • Devastation of Baal — The entire Chapter came to Baal's defence, when it was threatened by Hive Fleet Leviathan and fought in the void battle against the Hive Fleet's Bio-ships. They acted like a dagger and drove deep within the attacking Hive Fleet, destroying many Bio-ships, before withdrawing to strike again. Eventually though, the sheer number of Leviathan's Bio-ships overwhelmed them and the Chapter was destroyed.[1b]


While the Chapter held their role as the Imperium's protectors as a sacred duty, they looked down upon Mankind as being frail and weak. This was reflected in how the Chapter treated their Serviles, as each bore slave tattoos across their faces and knew not to look upon the Angels Excelsis when they were addressed. What position these Serviles held was chosen by the Master of the Household, which was an office given to a Angels Excelsis Captain who was no longer capable of fighting. Serviles in high positions were not referred to by name, but instead given titles such as Servile of the Watch, Servile Locum and Servile of the Helm. Many of the Serviles who served on the command bridges of the Chapter's ships were deliberately mutilated by the Chapter, so that they could plug directly into cogitators and other machines.[1a]

Chapter Symbol

A winged axe.[1c]

Chapter Elements

Known Ships

Known Members

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