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Angels Numinous

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Angels Numinous
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Founding Chapter: Blood Eagles[4] (Blood Angels lineage)[1]
Founding: N/A; splinter faction of the Blood Eagles[4]
Chapter Master: Geron[2b]
Colours: Possibly pale grey with vermillion[Note 2]
Dark red[3]

The Angels Numinous are a Blood Angels Successor Chapter.[1] They are part of the Triarchy.[4]


The Angels Numinous are not a traditional Founding Chapter, as they emerged in a murderous civil war which tore the Blood Eagles Chapter apart. Alongside another splinter faction, the Red Seraphs, they represent the survivors of the Blood Eagles. Despite this background, both the Angels Numinous as well as Red Seraphs upheld the ancient vows of their parent chapter, including their membership in the Triarchy.[4]

They are known to have little regard for their Battle Brothers afflicted with the Black Rage[1], as the Chapter believes that only the weak fall into its embrace. As a result of this, the Angels Numinous refuse to honour their Death Companies, as the Blood Angels do, and instead consider them to be nothing, but a shameful embarrassment to their pure and noble Chapter[2b]. When the Angels Numinous go to battle, the Death Companies are hurled into the fray with no concern for their lives and are simply used as a blunt instrument to break enemy front lines[1].

The Chapter took heavy loses in the Kallius Insurrection and requested the aid of the Blood Angels to help them. Their Founding Chapter agreed to, but they also took heavy losses and were later allowed to depart, after other Imperial forces arrived to combat the Insurrection[3a]. However, the Founding Chapter's fleet was ambushed[3b] by the Black Legion[3c], as they were preparing to leave the current System they were in[3b]. The Blood Angels would have been destroyed by the Traitors, had the remnants of the Angels Numinous' fleet not arrived in time to drive off the Black Legion[3c]. The Angels Numinous then continued to fight against the Insurrection, as their Chapter Master, Deren, had vowed they would remain until the conflict was over. Afterwards, the Chapter began the process of regaining their strength, which would take a significant amount of time to complete.[3a]

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  • Note 2: It was stated that that the colours of the Staff of Light were pale grey with vermillion shields. It may or may not be correlated with the Chapter's colours.[2a]

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