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Angels Revenant

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The Angels Revenant are a Space Marine Chapter.[1]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
Angels revenant marine.jpg
- Angels Revenant -
Founding Chapter: Ultramarines[2]
Founding: Eighth Founding[2]
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Libethra[2]
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Dark blue with bone white pauldrons[2]
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown
Angels revenant symbol.jpg


The Angels Revenant earned glory and honour for their participation in the Great Purge of the Jakart Cluster and Occlusiad War. For their role in Saint Marduk's War of Faith in the Orpheus Sector, the Chapter was gifted Libethra as its homeworld. As stern supporters of the Imperial Creed, the Chapter was also allowed access to all the resources of Orpheus Sector to build its fortress-monastery and to recruit from the feral world Patara. The presence of the Angels Revenant provided resolve and security for the sector. They guarded the pilgrimage routes of the Cold Veil and hunted pirates and xenos raiders in the Hesod Nebula and Barren Stars.[2]

The Angels Revenant defended their homeworld from a sudden attack by the Necron Maynarkh Dynasty before 3086991.M41. They fought to the last, unleashing extreme close-range bombardment cannon strikes on at least one tomb ship. The Necrons appeared to have cracked the planet open and drowned the Angels Revenant in magma to finally destroy them.[2] When news of the Chapter's annihilation reached the Synod Tempestus, it declared a Segmentum-wide day of requiem. The bells of a thousand worlds tolled to mark their passing. Only a few hundred battle-brothers were away from Libethra on crusades when the world was destroyed.[2]

In the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation, though, none of the surviving Angels Revenant could be found. During the Indomitus Crusade, a Torchbearer Fleet was sent to determine if any still yet lived on their devastated Homeworld, Libethra. After the Torchbearers set foot upon the empty airless world, however, they were ready to declare the Revenants to be extinct. This would then allow them to rebuild the Chapter with Primaris Greyshields, the Torchbearers' had meant to reinforce the Angels Revenant with. Before the Fleet could do so, their Auspex and Vox networks suddenly picked up faint signs of ferocious battles taking place deep beneath Libethra's surface. After going underground, the Torchbearers discovered remnants of the Revenants were still waging war against the Necron's Maynarkh Dynasty. The vengeful Angels Revenant and the Torchbearer Fleet, would then unite their forces and fight the invading Xenos together. As the battle raged, the Torchbearers' Primaris Greyshields were sent to reinforce their Chapter and allowed the Angels Revenant to be reborn. The Necron were later defeated and afterwards the Torchbearer Fleet gave the Revenants the ability to create Primaris Space Marines. Thanks to the Torchbearers' efforts, a new era has been ushered in for the Angels Revenant.[3]

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