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Angels Vermillion

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Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Angels Vermillion -
Founding Chapter: Blood Angels[4b]
Founding: Second Founding[4b]
Chapter Master: Kuldoth Moar[Needs Citation]
Homeworld: Corinal[4a]
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Dark red[7]
Helmet colour denotes squad type[4c]
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown

The Angels Vermillion are a Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels. While most successors of the Blood Angels maintain close ties with one another and their parent Chapter, the Angels Vermillion have resolved to bear their curse alone.[6a]


Angels Vermillion Marine[8]

The Angels Vermillion shun all contact with their brother and parent Chapters, and bear their curse in solitude. While Imperial Records of the Chapter's exploits since the Second Founding have been nothing short of exemplary, one wonders about the cause of their self-imposed exile from their brethren, and whether it is simply a shame that must be endured alone, or something darker.[4b]



The 9th Chapter of the Blood Angels Legion was known as the Angels Vermillion. Elements of the Chapter participated in the Scouring of the Nostramo Sector, led by Praetor Kaelon until his death at Sothis in 017.M31 and thereafter by Praetor Sargan Varsaris. They discovered the crashed Shroud of Eventide, the vessel of Captain Ophion of the Night Lords on Kalleth, salvaging it and renaming it the Crimson Intent in 020.M31 in preparation for the coming edict of the Second Founding.[10]

Recent History

The Angels Vermillion have earned numerous honours in the service of the Imperium, but are rarely seen fighting in the same war zone as the Blood Angels, or any of their parent Chapter's other successors.[6a] Though their battle records are shrouded in secrecy, their recorded achievements have been nothing short of exemplary.[14]

Notable Campaigns

As Blood Angels Legion's 9th Chapter:

As Angels Vermillion Chapter:


Angels Vermillion Firstborn[7]

The Angels Vermillion follow their Progenitor Chapter's system when it comes to showing company and squad, and battlefield role.[4c]

The Sorrowing

The Sorrowing is a secret and dark ritual of the Angels Vermillion, passed down through many generations. Conducted every 50 years, during The Sorrowing the Angels Vermillion drain the blood of a portion of the population of Corinal. The Angels Vermillion then bathe in the blood before spilling their own by sacrificing a Sanguinary Priest. The blood is then made into a mixture that is used to nourish the Angels Vermillion in war. The Chapter sees it as a horrible burden placed upon their own soul which keeps the Black Rage at bay.[11]

Noted Elements


Chapter Fleet

Notable Vehicles

  • SurrufusRhino Named in honour of the Veteran Assault Sergeant of the same name.[9]

Notable Members

As Blood Angels Legion's 9th Chapter:

As Angels Vermillion Chapter:


Conflicting sources

In Codex: Angels of Death (2nd Edition) and Codex: Blood Angels (3rd Edition), the Angels Vermillion are depicted as wearing carmine coloured armour with a yellow chest eagle.[1][2]

In How to Paint Space Marines, however, the chapter is depicted in the scheme used by the Angels Encarmine: vermillion coloured armour with a yellow chest eagle, black shoulder pad trims and backpack.[7]

Codex: Blood Angels (5th Edition) conforms to the earlier codices.[4c]

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