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Angels of Absolution

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Angels of Absolution
AngelsOfAbsolution.jpg Angelsofabsolutionmini.jpg
Founding Chapter: Dark Angels[5a]
Founding: Second Founding[5a]
Chapter Master: Moddren[13]
Homeworld: Allhallow[13]
Fortress-Monastery: Soul's Well[13]
Colours: Bone white[10]

The Angels of Absolution are a Second Founding Chapter of the Dark Angels.[5a]


The structure and belief of the Angels of Absolution are still very similar to those of their progenitor chapter, to the point that the two chapters have often joined forces and pooled resources in the hunt of The Fallen[5b]. The only noticeable difference in their doctrines, is that the Angels of Absolution consider their own sins expunged by the actions of their loyalist forefathers during the Fall of Caliban. However they still considered themselves responsible for meting out punishment upon the Fallen and so the Angels of Absolution possess all the drive of the other Unforgiven Chapters, while not being weighed down by their guilt[12]. This belief isn't shared amongst the other Unforgiven Chapters, but all strife seems to have been contained and they continue to cooperate with them.[6]

While they have formations similar to the Ravenwing and Deathwing companies they are not named as such.[4]

Notable Battles


The Angels of Absolution stand out from the other Dark Angels successors as their armour is bone white compared to the dark colours of the other chapters.[3][4] All their warriors and vehicles are painted in this scheme.[4] They dress in deep green robes.[16]

The Angels of Absolution use an inverted version of the Dark Angels' system of showing company.[16]

Chapter Elements


Name Type Sources
Redemption's Lament Power Sword [8]

Notable Members


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