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Angels of Death (Animated Series)

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Angels of Death is a Warhammer 40,000 animated series which premiered on Warhammer+ in August 2021.[1]


Angels of Death will follow a band of Blood Angels Space Marines “as they face mankind’s enemies, death, and worse – the dreaded Black Rage".[1] The series is being managed by the Warhammer Animations team in cooperation with the same fan-team that produced the Helsreach online animated series.[3]

The series is directed by Richard Boylan and Boman Modine and is scripted by John French Boman Modine and George Mann.[6]



  • 1: Blood and Duty - The Blood Angels strike cruiser Sword of Baal hangs in orbit over the planet Niades, trapped by warp storms. Aboard, the ship's complement of Space Marines chafe at their inaction. Premiered August 25th 2021.[7]
  • 2: The Silent City - On the trail of their missing Captain, the Blood Angels deploy to the surface of Niades by Drop Pod. Their journey is not a smooth one, and they must regroup to explore the ruined city at the base of the docking tower. Premiered September 1st 2021.[7]
  • 3: Trail of Blood - As the Blood Angels on the surface of Niades cut a course through the entrenched Genestealer Cultists towards the signal from Captain Orpheo's beacon, the situation aboard the Sword of Baal goes from bad to worse. Premiered September 8th 2021.[7]
  • 4: Awakenings - The Blood Angels fight their way ever deeper into the evil that has corrupted the world of Niades, with new and brutal enemies assailing them on all sides. Can their strength hold in the face of such fearsome foes? Premiered September 15th 2021.[7]
  • 5: Tempest - When Orpheo and his honour guard descend to the planet's surface, they make a series of troubling discoveries. Premiered September 22nd 2021.[7]
  • 6: Against the Horde - Reeling from the brutal onslaught of the Aberrants, Ancaeus and the survivors of his squad must regroup, while Kazarion battles the grip of the Black Rage. Premiered November 3rd 2021.[7]
  • 7: The Honour of Angels - While Ancaeus' surviving warriors follow Castia's Servitors through the under-tunnels of Niades, the Tech-priest explains her plan to the paralysed Captain Orpheo. Premiered November 10th 2021.[7]
  • 8: Rise - The Blood Angels, reunited with Captain Orpheo, ascend to the heart of the cult's corruption - and in doing so, call down the wrath of the Magus. Premiered November 17th 2021.[7]
  • 9: Slaughter - The battle for Niades reaches its epic climax as Ancaeus, Kazarion and Orpheo confront the leaders of the Genestealer Cult. Can even the courage of the Sons of Sanguinius hope to overcome the monstrous might of the Patriarch? Premiered November 24th 2021.[7]
  • 10: Reborn in Blood - In the cult's chambers high up in the Siren Tower, the surviving Blood Angels count the cost of their war with the cult. They are soon joined by Magos Dominus Castia-Theta-9, who offers them a chance to escape Niades.[7]


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