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Angels of Wrath

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The Angels of Wrath are a Space Marine Chapter, of Dark Angels ancestry and are part of the Unforgiven. The Chapter was almost completely destroyed by the Frateris Templars, on the command of Goge Vandire, during the Age of Apostasy.[1a]

Angels of Wrath
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Founding Chapter: Dark Angels
Chapter Master: Cornelius Makallan
Specialty: Scouts
Strength: Less than a company


Age of Apostasy

During the Age of Apostasy Goge Vandire, desired to have the Ecclesiarchy consolidate its power and bring institutions outside of their authority under their command. The Angels of Wrath, a relatively young Chapter, were the first chosen to bring under the Ecclesiarchy's power and messages were sent to Tristan Dare, Grand Master of the Chapter. Goge demanded that the Angels of Wrath replace their Chaplains with Ecclesiarchy missionaries, which would allow them to be easier to control. Tristan and the Chapter, immediately refused their demands - not wanting to have their ranks diluted by men who were not of their Gene-seed and who would divide their loyalty to the Emperor and their Primarch Lion El'Jonson. In doing so however they brought retribution from the Ecclesiarchy upon themselves.[1a]


Wanting to set an example to those who opposed his will, Goge ordered a large warfleet to attack the Angels of Wrath's Homeworld and destroy the Chapter. Doom came to the Chapter when the sensors of their Fortress Monastery, detected a large Imperial warfleet approaching their Homeworld. Armies of Frateris Templars were soon descending upon them and they were attacked by waves of zealots. Though Angels of Wrath fought ferociously, they were no match for the zealots, who overwhelmed the Chapter with their sheer numbers. Soon the walls of the Chapter's Fortress Monastery, their last stronghold on the planet, were breached and a tide of Frateris swarmed what was left of the Chapter. Five hours after the attack was launched, ninety percent of the Chapter had fallen to the Frateris Templars, including their Grand Master Tristan Dare, and their destruction was nearly complete.[1a]

Fighting within their Fortress Monastery, Captain Cornelius Makallan, of the Chapter's Tenth Company, found himself the last commanding officer of the Chapter. Rather than die by the Frateris' hands, Makallan ordered the remnants of his Chapter to evacuate their Homeworld. It was his hope that they would bring word of the Ecclesiarchy's betrayal, to the Dark Angels, and their Successor Chapters, and return in force to seek their revenge upon those who had struck them low. Fighting their way through the Frateris[1a], Makallan and the surviving Angels of Wrath escaped to their last remaining vessel in orbit; managing to evade the Imperial fleet, before making a jump into the Warp and escaping Goge's wrath.[1b]

After their escape and the destruction of the majority of their Chapter, the Ecclesiarchy destroyed all references to the Chapter. By doing so, they insured that the Angels of Wrath were forgotten by the Imperium.[1d]


During their time in the Warp, Makallan looked upon what was left of his Chapter. Of the survivors that managed to escape, a majority were the Scouts of his own Company. They had lost all of their command structure, as well as their vehicles and a majority of their armour and weapons. After taking stock Makallan began to reorganize the Chapter, around the strengths of the Scouts and began forming squadrons of those that were combat ready.[1d]

After what was estimated to have been a year in the Warp, their vessel finally emerged into real space near the Death World Megiddio Primus. Makallan was soon contacted by Megiddio Primus' Planetary Governor Ezbesde Konnar, from the planet's only settlement, the Metroplex. After learning what had befallen the Chapter at the hands of the Ecclesiarchy, Konnar told the Chapter how the Church held his own planet in their grips. Playing on their hatred of the Ecclesiarchy, Konnar requested their aid in removing the power the Church had on the planet, which would allow him to regain control.[1b]

Believing that Goge and the Ecclesiarchy's tyranny was still at hand, Makallan and the Chapter readily agreed and began making preparations to secretly land on the Metroplex. What Konnar failed to tell Makallan however, was that the Angels of Wrath, had emerged four thousand years after they had entered the Warp. Goge and their enemies had long ago been killed, but Konnar needed their aid if he was to regain control of his planet.[1b]

Covert X

Believing themselves to be striking a blow against Goge, the Angels of Wrath began a seven month underground guerilla campaign to weaken the hold of the Ecclesiarchy on Megiddio Primus[1b]. Calling themselves Covert X, they began to preach against the evils of the Church and how they were killing the Emperor. Their preaching drew large crowds and spread resentment and thoughts of rebellion amongst the population, but also brought them into conflict with the Metroplex's Adeptus Arbites. The Arbites had long worked closely with the Church and were considered their attack dogs[1a]. Despite the Arbites' best efforts to bring down any rebellion, Covert X caused the population to began rioting against the Church; which had held the population in their crushing control for too long.[1e]

While the Arbites were distracted with the rebellion, Makallan brought all that was left of his Chapter to strike down the Cathedral- the stronghold of the Ecclesiarchy on Megiddio Primus. Unknown to Makallan however, the Ecclesiarchy had learned of their plan and just as he was to give the order to attack, they were ambushed. A large force of the Adepta Sororitas, rushed out of the Cathedral and attacked the Chapter. Though Makallan's forces are outnumbered and facing superior weaponry, he has not given the order to retreat. Instead he has given the order to stand firm and attack; refusing to retreat a second time before the forces of the Ecclesiarchy.[1e]


Tenth Company/Covert X

The Angels of Wrath's command structure and manpower were seriously depleted as a result of their decimation by the Frateris Templars. As a result, although they are now operating as an underground guerilla force, they have retained the composition of their Tenth Company which made up the majority of the survivors who managed to escape their Homeworld.[1d]

Arkangels Scout Squads

Arkangels are Covert X Scouts, who have received the required training and bio-surgery to become full fledged Space Marines. Due to lack of resources and because of Covert X's unique modus operandi, the Arkangels are still equipped and deployed as standard Scouts.[1e]


The Chapter lost all of their vehicles and a majority of their armoury during the attack on their Homeworld by the Frateris Templars. As a result the equipment they do have is largely that used by Scouts, which were the majority of the forces that managed to escape[1d] in their Chapter's one remaining vessel.[1b]

Notable Members

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