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Angelus Redemptor

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The Angelus Redemptor is a Frigate in the Blood Angels Chapter that took part in the Diamor Campaign. It would later be modified with a stealth device provided by Magos Dominus Ivasnophon, that allowed it to deliver Captain Karlaen and his strike force to the former Imperium world Ioline, which had fallen to a Black Legion invasion. The strike force's target was the massive Daemon Engine factory, called the Hex Infernium, which the Black Legion were using to send reinforcements for their invasion of the nearby Imperium world Amethal. By using the Angelus Redemptor's teleportarium chamber, which had also been modified by Ivasnophon, the strike force was able teleport together to Ioline's surface and successfully destroy the Daemon Engine. The strike force then quickly evacuated to the Angelus Redemptor, as the Hex Infernium's destruction soon caused a chain reaction that destroyed all life on Ioline's surface[1a], and the Frigate was able to safely deliver them to Amethal, where they aided in defeating the Black Legion's invading forces.[1b]

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