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Angevin Crusade

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the M39 Imperial Crusade; for the Black Templars Crusade, see Angevin Crusade (Black Templars).
Angevin Crusade
Date 322-384.M39
Location Calixis Sector
Outcome Imperial victory
Imperium Yu'vath
Minor Xenos
Human rebels
Lord Militant Golgenna Angevin(KIA)
Lord Gen. Militant Drusus
Arch-Confessor Melcher El(KIA)
High Admiral Vaakkon
17 Million Imperial Guard
Imperial Navy
Space Marines
Black Templars
Sons of Medusa
Tigers Argent
Charnel Guard
Collegia Titanica
Legio Venator
Legio Magna
Frateris Militia
Unknown Unknown

The Angevin Crusade was a Crusade begun in 322.M39 focused around the Calixis Sector.[1]


The Crusade began officially when the High Lords of Terra authorized Lord Militant Golgenna Angevin to liberate the areas around the Calyx Expanse. His forces, drawn from Segmentum Solar, numbered over 17 million troops divided into four battle groups and a strategic reserve plus Space Marines from the Black Templars, Sons of Medusa, Tigers Argent, and Charnel Guard Chapters. Titan Legions from the Legio Venator and Legio Magna also contributed to the Crusade's cause. The forces were further swelled by Frateris Militia stirred into a frenzy by the Ecclesiarchy. The Crusade's first strike was conducted in a two-pronged thrust into the heart of the Calyx Expanse, Malfi and Solomon by the end of 341.M39.[1]

The two worlds fell quickly, giving the Crusade a beachhead. Three minor Xenos empires were defeated from these anchors. In light of its success, the High Lords authorized further reinforcements. Seizing the moment, the Crusade launched a gigantic sweeping offensive throughout the years of 341-545.M39 in an event known as the Reaping of the Emperor's Wrath. Known worlds to fall in the Reaping are Iocanthos, whose warlord regime fell to General Drusus in a single week. Exterminatus was enacted on the world of Amun'an Morrus, where the once-human population had since become mutated into hideous machines.[1] With the first and second great phases of the Crusade completed, by 353.M39 Angevin's forces consolidated their holdings, over two hundred worlds. Several Imperial Guard regiments that had shown valor in the preceding fighting were given the right to settle newly acquired worlds, such as the Brontine Centurions. [1]

In 359.M39, the Crusade's Second Front opened. A third great push from Segmentum Obscurus under the command of High Admiral Vaakkon. Intending to meet up with Angevin's forces, this phase of the Crusade proved disastrous after Warp conditions worsened. When the fleet finally linked up with the Crusade's primary front in 363.M39, the losses it had sustained were nearly equal to the first two decades of fighting. Lord Militant Angevin was so horrified by this turn of events that he retreated to the interior of Golgenna Reach and passed on command to his senior generals.[1]

The Bleak Years

With the Crusade now stalled, its domains came under attack from Orks and xenos raiders. Assassins claimed the life of Arch-Confessor Melcher El, the Crusade's spiritual leader. Plague decimated the Malfian Holdfast and rebels and cults spread. For the first time, the Crusade's gains began to be lost, and Imperial forces spread themselves thin to defend their remaining holdings. Only the fleets of the Rogue Traders Sibylline Haarlock and Ludd Sabrehagen provided rapid transport and redeployment of forces, allowing for some progression in an offensive by General Drusus against the Warp-worshiping Yu'vath xenos and their debased human allies. Drusus was declared the Crusade's savior, but many powerful figures viewed him as a dangerous rival.[1]

According to some sources, Drusus was then attacked by assassins deployed by rival generals. Seemingly slain, he was apparently resurrected as a Living Saint, which made many see him as having the Emperor's favor. The Drusine Imperial Cult began to flourish. Meanwhile, the Ordo Malleus oversaw the decimation of the Yu'vath and their allies. With the Crusade reinvigorated, a new great push began, destroying the powers in a region that would become known as the Drusus Marches in his honor. In 372.M39, Angevin died, with rumors suggesting he had been dispatched by the Officio Assassinorum for his failings. Drusus was promoted to Lord Militant and given full command of the crusade. With his new position, Drusus launched a final offensive against the Yu'vath Hell Worlds. By 384.M39, the Yu'vath were finally wiped out and the Crusade ended. The Calyx Expanse was claimed for the Imperium.[1]