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Angharad Esw Sweydyr

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Angharad Esw Sweydyr is Arianhrod Esw Sweydyr's niece, a swordswoman from the planet Carthae, practitioner of the Ewl Wyra Scryri, bearer of the sabre Evisorex, and a member of Inquisitor Myzard's retinue.[Needs Citation]


Like her aunt, she cut an imposing figure, standing two metres in height, held her hair with plaited with beads, and she also bore a striking resemblance to her aunt. Her decision to follow in her aunt's footsteps that lead her to join the Inquisition. After the rest of Inquisitor Myzard's retinue had been killed by Zygmunt Molotch and Orfeo Culzean, she joined Inquisitor Ravenor's retinue in the hunt for Molotch, even when Ravenor made the decision to become a rogue Inquisitor. Her expertise with the blade served Ravenor well, and she became Harlon Nayl's lover. She was killed when devoured by the daemon Slyte.[1]