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Ankra the Colossus (Supplement)

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Ankra the Colossus set[1]

Ankra the Colossus is a Commander of the Necrons team. It is one of the Supplement sets for the Kill Team: Commanders of the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Second Edition (2018).[1]


The towering Necron Overlord known as Ankra the Colossus never forgives a slight, and as he possesses a body of immortal metal, has had time enough to repay nearly every insult dealt against him. His current vendetta is against the T'au of Omis Prion, who have foolishly interrupted his search for the laboratories of the Triumvirate of the Crimson Sceptre. Ankra has resolved to settle this matter in person, telling himself it will be more efficient that way – though in truth, it is just as likely he wishes to feel the splash of hot blood upon his metal body once more.[1]

Ankra the Colossus (Supplement) consists of Overlord.[1]