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Annesh was the Planetary Governor of Ionis who enacted plans that had been years in the making to secede from the Imperium. Alongside his loyal bodyguard Valeria, Annesh began a meeting with his co-conspirators Commissar Solkaren and the Cardinal Prodemis to go over their preparations. The Cardinal, who had always been a reluctant supporter, warned Annesh that Ionis was too important strategically for the Imperium to just abandon it, but the Governor told him he was counting on that. In the face of Imperial aggression on Ionis, the other worlds in the system would soon ally with Annesh and secede as well, which would leave him in command of his own empire. When the Cardinal was still not convinced Annesh offered to let Valeria convince him, as she pointed a gun at his head. The Cardinal quickly backed down and Annesh moved on to ask Solkaren, how their defenses would hold during an attack from the Imperium. Solkaren assured him, that with the million Guardsmen at their disposal, they would repel any attack the Imperium attempted. The meeting was soon interrupted by an aide to the Governor, who told them an assassin had just broken into the Governor's palace. They all looked upon the nearby camera screens in silence, as an Eversor Assassin cut down Annesh's guards and made its way to his throne room. Once it entered however, it found nothing but a giant bomb which promptly exploded and destroyed the entire palace.[1]

The Governor and his co-conspirators safely saw the explosion from orbit, in the ship they were having the meeting on. Annesh remarked how fortune it was he decided to have the meeting off planet and arrogantly asked if anyone still doubted his plans to secede or that he was more than capable of dealing with the fools on Terra? After seeing the death of the assassin, Cardinal Prodemis quickly agreed with Annesh's plans and the Governor told Solkaren and Prodemis to return to Ionis to prepare for the secession to start. After they left however, he told Valeria that after the secession had taken place, he wanted the Cardinal killed for annoying him. As Annesh turned to look down on Ionis from the ship's window, he started to gloat on how it would soon be his; but is quickly angered as Valeria suddenly starts to insult him and calls him a butcher for the amount of innocent blood he will spill to claim Ionis. As he turned to confront her, Valeria transformed into a Callidus Assassin and pulled her gun on the Governor, as she mocked him for not being prepared for the High Lords of Terra to send two assassins to stop his plans. Annesh was shocked, but quickly told the assassin his death would not stop the secession from happening, as Commissar Solkaren would simply take his place. The Callidus told him, she had already dealt with the Commissar and Cardinal, by planting a bomb on the shuttle they were taking back to Ionis and it would destroy the shuttle before they reached the planet. She then promptly delivered the Emperor's judgement upon the terrified Annesh and ended the threat of Ionis leaving the Imperium.[1]

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