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Donatos Aphael

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Targetdrone.gif Aphael redirects here. For the Thousand Sons Sorcerer, see Herume Aphael.
Donatos Aphael, Captain of the 2nd Company[2]

Donatos Aphael[1b] is the Captain of the Blood Angels 2nd Company and the current Master of the Watch.[1a] As of 999.M41 he has served the Chapter for a century and a half.[5]


He took part in the battle against the Necron World Engine, in which the 2nd and 4th Companies of the Blood Angels were deployed against the Xenos. After the battle was won, it was at Aphael's suggestion that a permanent shrine be raised on Safehold as a monument to the Astral Knights Chapter, which had sacrificed every one of its Battle-Brothers to destroy the Necron menace.[1b]

The 2nd Company later battled the Ork Warboss Gutstompa in the Battle for Antax. Like all Blood Angels, Aphael is vulnerable to the Red Thirst and temporarily succumbed to it in the battle against Gutstompa.[1c] He was also a major Blood Angels commander during the Diamor Campaign[4]. He is a vocal supporter of the Blood Angels' Angels Vermillion Successor Chapter, despite knowing Commander Dante had ill feelings toward them and refused to fight beside the Vermillion. In the Red Council meeting prior to the Devastation of Baal though, Aphael asked Dante to call upon their aid, due to Hive Fleet Leviathan's massive threat to Baal. Dante angrily refused to do so, but would not state why and Aphael risked his wrath by repeatedly questioning the Commander's decision. The Captain could not understand that if the Blood Angels were willing to fight beside the Necrons in the Cryptus Campaign, why would they not fight beside the Vermillion regardless of what fault Dante had with them? However the Commander refused to explain his decision and brought the Council's meeting to an end shortly afterwards.[6]

During the Battle of Idolatros in the Arks of Omen Campaign, Aphael took temporary command of Blood Angels forces following the wounding of Dante at the hands of Angron.[7]


Brother-Captain Aphael[3]

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