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Apocalypse Missile Launcher

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An Apocalypse Missile Launcher mounted on a Reaver Titan[7]

The Apocalypse Missile Launcher is a huge weapon usually found mounted on Imperial Titans and other Super-Heavy vehicles. The weapon consists of multiple missile-tubes capable of launching an immense barrage of explosive fire. The destructive potential of just one Apocalypse launcher is equivalent to an entire Imperial Guard artillery company.[1] The missiles fired by an Apocalypse launcher travel at supersonic speeds,[2] and just one salvo is enough to flatten an entire square kilometer of area.[3]

The Apocalypse Launcher is commonly found on the carapace hardpoint(s) of Reaver[4] and Warlord[5] class titans. The Imperator class titan can also carry one or more Apocalypse Launchers on its carapace hard-points.[6]

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