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Aquila Ignis

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The Aquila Ignis' Hellstorm Cannon on Kronus.

Little is known about origins of the Imperator Titan Aquila Ignis, as it was first revealed by the Heretical Legio Mortis at the beginning of the Schism of Mars.[1]


Schism of Mars

The Aquila Ignis was originally constructed in the Daedalia Planum forge yards, and served with the Legio Mortis.[1a] When the Legio Mortis turned to the forces of Chaos during the Horus Heresy, Princep Camulos and the Moderati under his command gave themselves to the Chaos god Nurgle. A daemon of Nurgle possessed the Titan's Hellstorm Cannon as part of the pact.[2k] During the Schism of Mars the Titan was deployed, with others of the Legio Mortis, on an assault on Magma City and the defending loyalist Legio Tempestus.[1b] Though the Aquila Ignis succeeded in destroying the remnants of Tempestus, the destruction of the Magma City by Adept Koriel Zeth unleashed a torrent of lava that destroyed the Imperator's main body, leaving only its Hellstorm Cannon behind.[1c]

The Titan's cannon was later transported to Kronus city of Ironworks Bay by the Mechanicus under the watch of Magos Paladius after the end of the Horus Heresy. The daemon of Nurgle still resided within it, and its corrupting influence caused several "Cults of the Gun" to appear among the human population of Kronus. The last of these cults having been sighted in the Demes Northlands, a decade before the Dark Crusade that would engulf Kronus in war.[2k]

Dark Crusade on Kronus

Sometime in M41, the Aquila Ignis's massive Hellstorm cannon was found in the ruins of Ironworks Bay (renamed 'Victory Bay' upon the discovery of the weapon) by Magos Explorator Gaius, during his travels with Task Force Retribution (reformed into the 1st Kronus Regiment).[2a] The 1st Kronus Regiment was then ordered to protect the ancient weapon for the Mechanicus to retrieve and study.[2a] The Hellstorm Cannon was restored to a half-functional state and served in the defense of the Imperial Guard's planetary capital.[2f]

During the Blood Ravens' attack on Victory Bay, Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander ordered the use of the Hellstorm Cannon, the massive firepower killing several Space Marines and any Guardsmen who could not escape the trench infront of the weapon's barrels.[2b] To deny the Imperial Guard this firepower, the Blood Ravens destroyed the generators charging its powercore, before building generators of their own to bring the weapon under their control.[2f] When the Blood Ravens fully overran Victory Bay, Captain Gregor Vash ordered a Techpriest to overload the weapon's internal powercore to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. The Hellstorm Cannon began to overload and explode, the blast taking out all nearby combatants.[2c] The sole Enginseer who survived to be interrogated by the Blood Ravens claimed that he had done what he must to keep the cannon from "unworthy hands". [2g]


Canon Conflicts

  • The Archive: Demes Northlands, from Dark Crusade, states that the Princep of the Aquila Ignis was named Rufus Aquila. While in the novel, The Horus Heresy: Mechanicum, states that the Princep was named Camulos.
  • If Victory Bay is conquered during the Chaos single-player campaign, it is revealed that a daemon of Nurgle indeed resided within the Aquila Ignis' Hellstorm Cannon. By releasing the daemon from the wreckage of the cannon Eliphas would gain Nurgle's favour.[2h]
  • If the Imperial Guard defeat all other factions on Kronus, then the Mechanicus are allowed to continue their study of the Hellstorm Cannon, hoping to return it to service in the Imperium.[2e]
  • If the Eldar defeat the Imperial Guard at Victory Bay, then the Hellstorm Cannon barely survives its power core overloading. Using warp powered explosives, the Eldar ensure that it is demolished beyond any hope of repair.[2i]
  • If the Orkz win at Victory Bay, then the Orkz scavenge the damaged Hellstorm Cannon and use its components to strengthen their WAAAGH's vehicles. Warboss Headhunta gains the title "Gun Smasha".[2j]

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