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The Arachen are an alien species.[1]


In 896.M40, they rejected an appeal by the Golden Ambassador to join the Tau Empire, instead driving the Tau from their territory.[1] What followed was a brutal multi-year conflict known as the Veil War, as the Tau and Arachen fought for control of the Western Veil. Ultimately, a young Commander Farsight was able to assassinate the Arachen leadership, known as the Arachen Trinity as Commander Dawnstone was launching a final offensive. The plan worked, and the Arachen were driven from the Western Veil forever.[2]


Male Arachen are noted for having blade-like legs and were capable of fighting with bizarre but deadly martial arts, and they traveled through space in cocoon-like ships. Their nest-cities were designed as mazes, which made fighting through them extremely difficult.[2]

Known Sub-Species

  • Oestromystics: Laid tangleclutch traps where unfortunate victims would be used to incubate egg-sacs.[2]
  • Grandfathers: Giant Arachens that ripped enemy warriors to pieces.[2]
  • Skitterlings: Small Arachens that attacked in swarms. They could penetrate inside Tau Battlesuits and eat their pilots from the inside out.[2]

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