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Araghast the Pillager.

Blood Ravens, hear me! I am Araghast The Pillager! Master of Hounds, the Lash of the Black Legion! You, and ALL your kind are cowards! Lowly lickspittles! You must be emulating that pile of bones you call an Emperor! You are as dead and as useless as him! I am destroying your worlds, Blood Ravens, yet you do nothing! I see your precious craft, hanging in orbit above Aurelia! I am here! FACE ME, IF YOU DARE![1]

Araghast the Pillager was the Chaos Lord leading the Black Legion force invading Subsector Aurelia during the Second Aurelian Crusade, alongside the former Dark Apostle Eliphas, who had been resurrected after the Dark Crusade as an Aspiring Champion.[1]


Araghast was a bloodthirsty, brutal warrior, who possessed strength and tremendous fighting skill, even for a Chaos Space Marine, and was feared far and wide among the Imperium and the greatest warriors of the Black Legion alike, for pillaging a thousand worlds and his terrible savagery. He was a Champion of Khorne, though not exclusively dedicated to Khorne, since he made extensive usage of sorcerers and occasionally used sorcery in battles himself.[1]


Araghast wore a foul suit of Terminator Armour, decorated with trophy racks, a terrifying banner made of the face of a Space Marine Commander, a cape made of humanoid faces sewn crudely to its shape, and was first seen armed with a Power Sword and a Combi-Flamer. But when the enemy was stronger than he thought, he replaced the Power Sword and Combi-Flamer with a pair of lethal Lightning Claws.[1]

As Araghast was not completely dedicated to Khorne, he had some psychic powers at his disposal to cover up his lack of ranged attacks when wielding the Lightning Claws. The powers he had been seen using were projecting balls of dreadful fire from [the Warp], creating a line of razor-sharp rocks that sprout from the ground in front of him with violent speed that crush and cut flesh and heavy armor like Terminator Armour with ease. His last psychic power is more used when fighting more powerful foes, this power is targeted at the weaker servants of Chaos willingly to die in their superiors and gods' names, as Araghast drained the life force of the cultist to heal himself untill it exploded into a gory mess of flesh and bones and drained another if necessary.[1]

Chaos Rising

The Black Legion warband invading the sector were lead by Araghast the Pillager and his second-in-command Eliphas the Inheritor, who had been resurrected and now served as an Aspiring Champion of the Black Legion (he was once known as the Dark Apostle leading the Word Bearers in Kronus during Dark Crusade). Later in Chaos Rising, Araghast challenges the Blood Ravens to fighting him on Aurelia, and the Blood Ravens head for the frozen planet to confront Araghast. As they met with the Chaos Lord on Aurelia, he told the Blood Ravens that they should pass his "tests" in order to face him. These "tests" were the minions of the Pillager, which the Imperial forces wiped out with ease, and they finally encounter him. Even possessing psychic powers, he didn't stand a chance against the Blood Ravens. As Eliphas was responsible of opening portals for Araghast when he got severly wounded, but as the situation for Araghast looked very bad, Eliphas refused to help his superior, becoming the new leader of the Black Legion warband on the Subsector. As Araghast heard Eliphas' words, his last words were "Eliphas... You treasonous dog! NO!" and was easily killed by the Blood Ravens.[1]


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