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Araneus Continuity

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The Araneus Continuity was a small Human empire which ruled at least six Systems from their capital of Araneus (now known as Necromunda). The realm was destroyed during the Great Crusade.[1]


The empire was allowed to grow due to the series of ancient Warp gates of unknown origin, which allowed fast travel between the various worlds of the region. The empire itself was ruled by a cast of Technonobility,[1] headed by the so-called Iron Lords.[2a]

When the Araneus Continuity encountered the Imperium during the Great Crusade, its people believed their empire to be larger and arrogantly refused assimilation. As a result, the Imperium sent the Imperial Fists to subjugate the Araneus Continuity. After the empire had been brought to the brink of surrender, the Continuity's Warp gates were activated and Xenos forces spilled from them, destroying all but Araneus before the Imperial forces drove the enemies back.[1]


Despite the fall of the Araneus Continuity, the people of Necromunda continued to remember their lost independence for thousands of years and would repeatedly revolt against Imperial rule. Despite many purges organized by the Imperial Fists, resistance continued until late M33 when the last major attempt to restore the Iron Lords' rule, led by Tray'ayr Cyberia, was put down by Martek Helm'ayr.[2b] However, one more smaller-scale uprising to recreate the almost-forgotten Continuity took place at Hive Rothgol in 932.M35.[2c]

Even though the memory of the Araneus Continuity died in Necromunda's hives from this time onwards, it is believed that the planet's Ash Wastes Nomads are descended from the last free citizens of the Continuity. They appear to still pass down their sense of independence and hatred of the Imperium by M42.[3]