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Arascid Nassau

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Custodian-Warder Arascid Nassau[2]

Arascid Nassau was a Custodian-Warder of the Legio Custodes at the end of the Great Crusade. He was a member of the Vedias-Aleph Sodality of the Warders of the Vaults of Rython and fought in the Battle of Prospero.[1]


Although there is no record of Nassau's service prior to his assignment to the Prosperine Censure Host,[1] his name suggests a link to the Black Manse of Nas'sau, capital of one of the earliest techno-barbarian holds to submit to the Emperor of Mankind in the Unification Wars.[1a]

During the Battle of Prospero, Nassau was noted to have single-handedly despatched a wave of Prosperine civilians driven insane by the Warp, using their bodies to create a break-wall which he defended alone for an hour of continuous attack.[1]


Nassau wore black-liveried Custodian Armour and wielded a Guardian Spear.[1]