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Arcadian Regiments

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Regimental Standard of the Arcadian 5th, depicting the Imperial Saint Ollanius Pius.

The Arcadians are Imperial Guard Regiments from the hive world of Arcadia. Arcadia has produced hundreds of regiments; once a regiment is disbanded or destroyed, a successor Arcadian regiment will often assume its number in order to keep alive the traditions and history of the regiment. It is common for Arcadian Guardsmen to have a spider facial tattoo, signifying their membership in Arcadia's Cult of the Spider.[1]

Notable Arcadian Regiments

Arcadian 26th Infantry

The 26th Arcadian are known to have been deployed to the Scion of Terra, a naval vessel, during the Third War for Armageddon. They defended the vessel when an Ork Kill Kroozer attacked. When the Orks were repulsed they launched a counter-boarding action. They were later nominated for commendation by the captain of the ship, Commodore Demus Paskal.[4]

Arcadian 66th Armoured

Part of the Toal III Invasion Force. It contained at least one Leman Russ Conqueror as second tank, first squadron, alpha company[3a] and some Basilisks, which used woodland camouflage.[3a][3b]

Arcadian 118th

Consist of at least one Tarantula Sentry Gun.[3c]

Arcadian 356th Armoured

The Arcadian 356th Armoured saw action against Craftworld Eldar.[2]

Its members include Joanus Finks, famous throughout the entire Imperium for being caught in an Eldar Night Spinner grav tank's monofilament wire cloud and liquefied.[Needs Citation]

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