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Arcadian Leontus

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Arcadian Leontus[2]

Arcadian Leontus is the current Lord Commander Solar of the Astra Militarum and sits among the highest echelons of the Imperium, boasting an unimaginable roll of titles, peerages and ranks.[1]


Arcadian Leontus[3]

Hailing from one of Terra's oldest and noblest families, his political and martial skill is the product of opulent wealth and the greatest of the Imperium's military academies. Having served his position for at least a century, at the dawn of the Age of the Dark Imperium and Indomitus Crusade, Leontus was of the three of five Imperial Guard Lord Commanders in tentative contact with the wider Imperium. He was also arguably the most embattled, finding Segmentum Solar invaded by swathes of Chaos forces, insurgencies, and Xenos. He has refused to allow the enemy plans to come to fruition under his watch. To that end, he has overseen the loss of billions of soldiers but this has done nothing to stem his efforts.[2a] During the Battle of Lion's Gate Leontus was away on campaign as Terra burned under the forces of Chaos. This perceived failure has burdened his soul ever since, and he seeks to redeem himself in the eyes of the Emperor.[3]

With an army of logistical advisers, priests, tacticians, tarot readers, prophet and seers of the Collegiate Astrolex, confidants, and sub-commanders at his beck and call, Leontus has been personally responsible for hundreds of stunning Imperial victories. Though the Lord Commander Solar's remit is technically confined to the defense of the Segmentum Solar, Leontus has led campaigns far beyond its boundaries, arguing it the most effective way to defend Holy Terra from its foes. He sees precedence in this policy with Saint Solar Macharius, who led distant wars far from Terra's soil. This reflects one of his chief skills as Lord Commander Solar: his ability to navigate the complex and brutal political atmosphere of the Imperial warmachine. He has scored an array of victories upon not only the literal battlefield, but also the political one where he has faced down Imperial Navy Admirals, Governors, and Officio Logisticarum adepts. While never defying Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman's direct orders, he has nonetheless been able to strengthen his own ambitions and agendas within the Primarch's set parameters.[3]

Armed with his pistol Sol's Righteous Gaze, his power sword Conquest and his Cyborg horse Konstantin, Leontus maintains a formidable prowess despite his age. However, while he is kept at his physical peak by a healthy diet, regular exercise, and staggeringly expensive Rejuvenat treatments, Leontus is wearied by the horrors of war and the Imperium's brutality. While privately distressed by the Imperium's brutal necessities, he has nonetheless overseen many such actions himself. The Lord Commander Solar knows that he may never see the fruits of his tireless efforts, but nevertheless, he continues to lead from the front against the Imperium's foes.[1]

During the Fourth Tyrannic War, Leontus was one of the major overall Imperial commanders alongside Captain-General Trajann Valoris. Together, the two created Solblades as well as the Sanctus Line. During the campaign Leontus made his headquarters the Phalanx, which anchored at Sanctum in the Bastior Sub-sector. In the subsequent Battle of Bastior, Leontus displayed superb tactical ability and was able to oversee a stubborn defense of Sanctum itself. Due to his importance, he was nearly slain by a Norn Emissary assassin but was saved by Captain-General Trajann Valoris.[3]


Arcadian Leontus and Konstantin[1]