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Arcatus Vinxix Centurio, known as the Emperor's Eagle[2], was a Captain of the Legio Custodes during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. During the Heresy, Arcatus was assigned by the Emperor to lead a contingent of Custodes that would aid Corax in reaching the old Astartes gene-labs in the Himalazia mountains.[1]

Arcatus and his Custodes contingent accompanied the Raven Guard from Terra, fighting alongside Corax in the Heresy for years after.[2] After reforming his legion enough to strike back at the Warmaster's forces, Corax gathered his commanders and sought their advice on how to attack. Arcatus questioned what right Corax had to lead various troops who were under other banners, and Corax explained that they would join him because they are loyal.[3a] When the forces gathered at Scaranto, he told the legionaries present that he believed that part of his mission to defend Terra would be to harry the Warmaster's forces and slow their advance to Terra.[3b] When the forces raided the Dark Mechanicus asteroid-base Kapel-5642A, he had 6 other Custodians with him as they cut down the forces of the enemy. While fighting, he admitted to Corax that the Custodians were originally in denial that Horus could ever gather enough strength to fight against the Imperium and how surprised they were by the Warmaster's victories.[3c]

By the Battle of Yarant, his Custodes forces were only a half-dozen strong. Rather than taking part in the battle, they were sent back to Terra with Captain Noriz and his Imperial Fists, as well as Chief Librarian Balsar Kurthuri.[2] When they arrived, Arcatus was given a coded order to attack Kurthuri by the Custodian Ludovicus. Arcatus cornered the Chief Librarian along with Captain Noriz as they were attempting to smuggle Kurthuri off the ship, killing Noriz, but sparing Kurthuri when he backed down from using his psychic powers to avenge Noriz's death. Arcatus then brought Kurthuri before Malcdador the Sigillite.[4]