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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Adeptus Mechanicus rank; for the Genestealer Cult rank, see Genestealer Magus.
Symbol of the Magi order

A Magos (plural Magi[13]) is a high ranking member of the Adeptus Mechanicus and are devoted disciples of the principles associated with the Machine God. These individuals have perfected as well as refined their field of expertise making them masters of a certain discipline.[2]


Their dedication has led to them sacrificing great portions of their body in order to emulate the sacred form of the machine. After decades of service, a Magos has replaced many of his organs and limbs with superior cybernetic implants. As is fitting with the Cult Mechanicus, these replacement limbs and organs never tire or grow weak with age, thus highlighting the greatness of the Machine.[1]

These senior Tech-Priests attend the Machine Altars of the Forge Worlds which contain the sum of knowledge of the Adeptus Mechanicus which in turn represents the will of the Omnissiah.[1]


The offices and titles of the Magos are shifting and complex. Such is their authority that many senior Tech-Priests will adjust their rank in times of war, becoming a Tech-Priest Dominus.[13]

The following Magi ranks are known[13]

  • Prime Hermeticon - Highest rank
  • Lord Dogma
  • Mechae Moribundus
  • Invictus Acquisitor
  • Gerontocrat
  • Data-Predator - Lowest rank

Magi that have mastered their respective field are known as an Archmagos[9a]. Another overseer rank whose exact position in the hierarchy is unknown exists known as a Overseer-Imperator.[21]


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