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Ardentor was a Warhound Scout Titan belonging to Legio Lysanda[1a] which was destroyed in the battle for Valika, during the combined Word Bearer and World Eaters attack on Armatura. It was armed with an Plasma blastgun on one arm and a Vulcan mega bolter on the other arm and was commanded by Princeps Maxamillien Delantry with Moderati Primus Ellas and Moderati Secondus Kei.[1a]

During the battle Ardentor discovered the crater where the Word Bearers Primarch Lorgar was attempting to rescue the World Eaters Primarch Angron who had been buried in the rubble of collapsing buildings. Due to its mega bolter ammunition being exhausted the Ardentor fired its Plasma blastgun into the crater which Lorgar blocked using a kine-shield, the Ardentor fired again but this time inflicted heavy damage which the crew of Ardentor believed had killed the Primarch. With core approaching critical the Ardentor was unable to use its Plasma blastgun again leading the Princeps to order the titan forward and crush the remains of Lorgar using of the Titan's legs. Angron broke loose from the rubble and used his strength to prevent the Ardentor dealing the killing blow to Lorgar. The World Eaters Flag-Captain Lotara Sarrin, observing the events in the crater from orbit ordered the Legio Audax Warhound Syrgalah (also known as the Ember Queen) to destroy the Ardentor. Syrgalah approached the rear of the Ardentor and charged its magnetic harpoon weapon, the Ardentor attempted to turn round and face the enemy titan but was too slow as the Syrgalah fired its harpoon through the torso of the Titan and impaling the cockpit, immediately killing the command crew. Syrgalah dragged the Ardentor out of the crater then withdrew the harpoon as it moved on to find further enemies.[1b]

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