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Ardim Protos

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Ardim Protos was a Magos of the Dark Mechanicum during the Horus Heresy.

One of the Nine Disciples of Kelbor-Hal, ranking Protos (first) and only beneath Sota-Nul. During the Battle of Beta-Garmon Ardim Protos along with Word Bearers Dark Apostle Vorrjuk Kraal arrived in the Beta-Garmon System to transform a number of traitor Titans into new daemonic fighting machines. Among those transformed was the Warlord Titan of Legio Vulpa Princeps Terent Harrtek, whose Legion had been thoroughly infiltrated by Protos' Chaos Cultists.[1a] During the final battles of the Beta-Garmon campaign all eight of the converted Warlords took to the field, causing chaos among the loyalist ranks. However all but one was destroyed during the battle by the collapse of an Astropathic temple, and Protos was later seen desperately leading salvaging efforts to recover Harrtek and his Warlord, which would become the first Banelord Titan.[1b]