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The Argonauts, also known as the Long Companions, was an informal designation for a group of travelers that sought to save Mankind during the Horus Heresy by reaching the Emperor in the Imperial Palace.[1a]



The group that become known as the Argonauts first began in the aftermath of the Battle of Calth. During the battle, the seemingly simple farmer (but in truth ancient Perpetual) Ollanius Persson received a horrific vision of death and destruction from Cabal agent John Grammaticus that would be brought about by Horus Lupercal's victory in the war. Waking up in what was left of his lands, Persson resolved to escape from the ongoing Battle of Calth, aiding a number of other survivors on the way, many of whom banded together with him and accompanied him off-world. Before leaving, he managed to acquire an athame ritual blade from a Chaos Cultist that he believed may be the item he was supposed to fetch, to be used for something utterly important. Persson and his survivors consisting of Graft, Dogent Krank, Bale Rane, Hebet Zybes, and Katt left Calth by use of apparent sorcerous techniques; he used the athame to open what appeared to be a form of warp-gate and stepped through.[1]


For the next six years Persson and his small band wandered through both space and time using the Athame and a warp-sensitive compass, attempting to reach Terra at the behest of Grammaticus. They were hunted by a variety of foes: the Word Bearers, Erebus, Alpha Legion, Daemons, and assassins of the Cabal bent on seeing Horus victorious. On the world of Andrioch they emerged shortly after the end of the revolt of the Iron Men and became stranded for two years. There, Persson speculated on what to do next but was confronted by John Grammaticus who urged him to go back. However Persson saw through the deception and killed Grammaticus with his Athame, revealing that his friend was a shape-shifting impostor of the Alpha Legion. With few options left, Persson led his band through a cosmic void left behind by the Iron Men that he would have preferred to avoid.{{Fn|2}

Later in a meeting with Erda on Terra, John Grammaticus was shocked to find that Persson had not rendezvoused with him as planned.[3] Erda suspected that Persson had arrived in the wrong time, perhaps before or after the agreed period. She consulted the stars and her tarot cards to determine that Persson had arrived on Terra two weeks later than Grammaticus.[3a]


After a seeming eternity of travels throughout space and time, Ollanius and his group finally emerged on Terra despite constant pursuit by Erebus. However they found themselves in the Hatay-Antakya Hive region, now occupied by the Emperor's Children and transformed into a horrific dream garden known as "paradise". Within paradise, desperate civilians seeking escape from the horrors of the Siege of Terra were entrapped within in vines and had their dreams harvested by the Emperor's Children, who consumed them.[4b] Oll and his group were only saved from Paradise and the Emperor's Children by John Grammaticus and Erda's servant Leetu. During the struggle to escape paradise, Bale Rane was slain by Slaaneshi Daemons, and the group was nearly again overcome before being saved by Actae and a Space Marine identifying himself as Alpharius. Despite the pleas of John, Ollanius agreed to have the duo aid them in their quest.[4c] Together, the group, now known affectionately by Grammaticus as the "Argonauts", acquired an Arvus Lighter and flew to the Imperial Palace across Terra's ravaged landscape.[5a] However as they crossed the frontline, they were shot down and crashed into the Inner Palace. Oll and others were guided by "Alpharius" into hidden passages with the intent to reach the Sanctum Imperialis.[5b]

Within the Palace, John learned of Ingo Pech's true identity and his control by Actae, vowing to help him. John eventually neutralized Pech by attaching a motion-sensitive mine to the Marine as he confronted Actae about her plans. However thanks to Oll and Katt's defense of Actae, John decided to spare her but knew as long as Herzog was conditioned to obey the witch he was too dangerous to be allowed to continue. John vowed to one day return and free Pech, but for now the group left the immobilized Pech.[6c]

Once finally within the depths of the Inner Palace, the "Argonauts" were were deliberately detained by Custodes and Malcador's Chosen for interrogation.[86] Using his knowledge of the Emperor's past and ability to sneak into the Imperial Dungeon undetected as evidence that he was someone of great significance, the Custodes eventually agreed to his request to take them before the Emperor. However by this point, the Emperor had already left to fight Horus aboard the Vengeful Spirit and the group was instead met by Vulkan. Despite pleading their mission to a sympathetic Vulkan, the group despaired that they had apparently failed in their quest.[6b]

While briefly detained under Vulkan's orders, the group became separated from Imperial custody due to the Warp-madness spreading across Terra as the Siege entered its final stages.[7a] Following a mysterious spool of thread that John believed had been left behind by them in the future, they instead encountered Erebus. In the ensuing struggle, all of the group save John, Oll, and Leetu were slain while Actae was buried under rubble.[7b] Nonetheless, John and Leetu were able to convince the despondent Ollanius to continue on their quest.[7c] After Leetu was badly injured saving them from Word Bearers, they eventually encountered the Emperor as He was about to fully transform into the Dark King, but Ollanius was able to talk his own friend down from the path to corruption.[7d] As the Emperor threw off the powers of the Warp, He let out a blast of energy that healed those nearby including John and Leetu. However the Emperor ordered John and Ollanius to take up their spool of thread and retrace their steps in order to close the stable timeloop they had begun.[7e][7f]

Ultimately, Ollanius Persson and John Grammaticus were forced back towards Lupercal's Court to aid the Emperor in the final stages of the battle against Horus. Ollanius gave his life confronting Horus after giving the Emperor his Athame blade.[8a] Actae took on Katt's full name, becoming Moriana.[8b] Leetu survived the final struggle despite personally fighting Horus and coming face-to-face with the Chaos Gods. John Grammaticus meanwhile continued the task of traveling through history to leave behind marks of string for their future selves, using a feather from the corpse of Sanguinius as means of travel.[8c]



The Argonauts were a group of heroes who accompanied the legendary Jason during his journey to Colchis. This is well known in-universe by John Grammaticus, who gives the group its name. Ollanius Persson is said to have been an original Argonaut.

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