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Argovon Campaign

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Necron Forces of the Argovon Campaign[1a]

The Argovon Campaign is a battle being fought by the Indomitus Crusade's Battle Group Kallides within the Pariah Nexus' Argovon System, against the Szarekhan and Oruskh Dynasties. It is part of the greater Pariah Crusade.[1a]

It was spearheaded by High Field Marshal Janred Remko Hynflaager's Task Force XI and was tasked with destroying the Noctilith Pylons within the System.[1a]


The Argovon System lies in the southern region of the Pariah Nexus and was a target by the Indomitus Crusades Battle Group Kallides. Once entering the Nexus, the Imperials were wracked by feelings of paranoia, exhaustion, and lethargy that has since become known as "The Shattering". The only known safeguard to this effect was faith in the Emperor. Despite much suffering, the Imperials scored a number of victories at the Battle of the Gates, the Death March of Paradyce II, and the Vie Almnus Counter-Push. Groupmaster Marran planned for a wider reconquest of the wider Pariah Nexus, intending to advance methodically through the region and not commit significant drives unless he could be sure systems and worlds to their rear were purged of the Necrons.[1a]

The Imperials detected no pleas for aid within their advance save for the Argovon System, leading Marran to dispatch a Task Force to deal with it. Argovon had a high Ecclesiarchy presence and could thus serve as a vital staging post or safe zone for refugees. When it was revealed by the Mechanicum that the System was also home to a Blackstone mining site on Foronika, Task Force XI was quickly formed. It fought and suffered in a number of battles such as the Hive Bhorik Consumption, where a dozen Imperial Guard Regiments disappeared in the city's Underhive, the Collapse of the Ingaard Bridge which saw thousands of armored vehicles of the Touzen Tank Korps plunge into the ocean, and the Night of the Gnashing Teeth.[1a]

Eldar forces have also been observed in the region. 4,000-5,000 Imperial Guard personnel were esecuted for spreading "malicious rumors" for reporting the sightings of these enigmatic creatures. It is believed the Eldar are from Craftworld Alaitoc and the Harlequin Masque of the Dreaming Shadow.[1a]

Notable Actions

At Foronika, the Imperials fought a vicious war against the Necrons over Blackstone forgeshrines. One of the most infamous of these was on a series of hills known as the Humps of Kafusa. It took eight months for Imperial forces to seize this high ground at the cost of two million lives. Even then it was only possible thanks to the Tome Keepers 3rd Company and Knights from House Boros.[1a]

At Sarronik the 19th Irikidan Hastati and the 3rd Irikidan Ballistas alongside the Battle Sisters of the Order of the Ivory Blade were surprised when they encountered Necrons on the shores of Lake Chirel due to the presence of a Dolmen Gate. The Battle of the Chirel Shore was an act of containment that went on to involve dozens of Regiments as well as elements from several Sisters of Battle Orders.[1a]

At Argovon, the Imperials encountered a significant Genestealer Cult Presence.[1a]

At the System capital and Shrine World of Argolish the Imperials found the effects of The Stilling at its weakest, but it still was invaded from Necrons who emerged from a Dolmen Gate. The 811th Veolan Black Guard won renown for their 100 day running battle through the Great Gardens of St. Bartholema the Pure Heart. They were aided by a Terminator assault from the Adamantine Lions, who slew a Necron Lord. This confusion bought time for the 82nd Varhian Jackals of the Militarum Tempestus to evacuate the priceless mosaic of the Emperor.[1a]

At the Agri-World of Iaso Battle Sisters from a number of Orders such as the Order of the Argent Shroud, Order of Our Martyred Lady, Order of the Wounded Heart, and Order of the Sublime Adoration deployed to the planet in droves alongside Frateris Militia and Imperial Guard Regiments. They found themselves battling in the grip of a Tomb World's awakening.[1a]

At Hishrea Governor Oponidas Phlax was quick to respond to Necron incursions and provided as much aid as possible to Task Force XI. In one notable engagement the local Hishrean Mountainmen PDF set off explosives on the underside of a frozen lake. They then lured thousands of Necrons onto the surface before springing the trap, sending the xenos into the depths.[1a]

Order of Battle[1a]




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