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Arguleon Veq

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Arguleon Veq, also known as Karnulon to the Word Bearers Chaos Legion, was a legendary Champion of Chaos from the early days of the Great Crusade. He was venerated as a great mythological figure by the people of Torvendis before that world's destruction at the hands of The Last.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Daemon World (Novel)

Arguleon Veq was said to be taller than a mountain or smaller than a mouse, depending on his will. He was said to be able to tear down mountains and throw them at his enemies. He was said to ride a great steed, Slaughtersong, into battle against his enemies. One of his swords, the Emerald Sword, was kept as a relic by one of the barbarian tribes of Torvendis. The removal of this sword from the stone heart of The Last awoke this being, bringing about the destruction of Torvendis.[1]

The man upon which the Arguleon Veq myth was based was known to the Word Bearers as Karnulon, a powerful Chaos sorcerer. He really did have a 'steed' called Slaughtersong; instead of being a horse, however, it was a Pre-Heresy warship. Karnulon served many years in the Word Bearers Legion, even frequenting the Court of Lorgar himself. At some point, however, Karnulon turned against the powers of Chaos. Why he turned will never be known, but his departure brought down the wrath of the Word Bearers. In response to his betrayal, the Word Bearers dispatched an elite coven of Chosen to destroy Karnulon. In this, the coven failed and was destroyed by Karnulon during the awakening of The Last.[1]

During Karnulon's plot to reawaken The Last, he mentored a young barbarian named Golgoth in the ways of Chaos. He referred to himself as Kron, and appeared as an old man to disguise his Traitor Legion heritage. The ways of Chaos he taught Golgoth were sufficient to bring about the downfall of Lady Charybdia and the destruction of Torvendis at the hands of Last.[1]

It is unknown whether Arguleon Veq/Karnulon survived the destruction of Torvendis. His last act was a great betrayal of the Chaos Gods, by destroying one of their favoured worlds. More than likely, however, Karnulon remains at large in the Maelstrom, because his death would be too lenient for the likes of the Chaos Gods.[1]