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The Father of Incubi (presumably Arhra)[3]

Arhra, Father of the Scorpions, was the original Phoenix Lord of the Striking Scorpions.[1][7] Though the souls of all Aeldari burn like great flames in the Warp, Arhra's is said to have burned with the dark light of Chaos, and he possessed a murderous nature.[8]

Known as the most sinister of the Phoenix Lords, following the Fall of the Eldar Arhra betrayed his fellow Phoenix Lords. He was last seen on Zandros in 928.M41, where he dueled for seventeen days with his successor, Karandras. Outnumbered and unable to defeat his former master in combat, Karandras skilfully goaded Arhra into a killing frenzy. At the critical moment, the Shadow Hunter was able to melt into a patch of darkness and disappear entirely, resulting in Arhra slaughtering his own disciples in a murderous rage.[4]

He is now known as the Fallen Phoenix. Where Karandras would temper the Scorpions with the patience of a hunter, Arhra is said to have formed an order of merciless warriors.

Arhra's present whereabouts are unknown and shrouded in rumour, but it is believed he may be the mysterious Drazhar.[2][7]

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