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Ark Mechanicus

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Ark Mechanicus Battleship

Arks Mechanicus are incredibly large, nigh-mythical ships that are said to endlessly search the stars as part of the Adeptus Mechanicus' Quest for Knowledge.


Led by a Venerated Archmagos Explorator, they track down any hint that may lead to the Holy Grail of the Cult Mechanicus: a working Standard Template Construct.[1]

Filled with the best technology that the Adeptus Mechanicus can create, the weapons of an Ark Mechanicus are stronger and longer-ranged than even Imperial Battleships, and their defences are significantly stronger. An Ark Mechanicus class vessel is equipped with a Nova Cannon, four Lance batteries, and two Weapons Batteries. This makes these rarely-seen ships truly mighty opponents on the rare occasions that their journeys are interrupted by battle.[1]

Known Vessels


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