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Ark Mechanicus

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Ark Mechanicus-class ship

Arks Mechanicus are a class of incredibly large, nigh-mythical Starships of the Adeptus Mechanicus Fleet. These ships are said to endlessly search the stars as part of the Adeptus Mechanicus' Quest for Knowledge.


Led by a Venerated Archmagos Explorator, they track down any hint that may lead to the Holy Grail of the Cult Mechanicus: a working Standard Template Construct (STC).[1]

Filled with the best technology that the Adeptus Mechanicus can create, the weapons of an Ark Mechanicus are stronger and longer-ranged than even Imperial Battleships, and their defences are significantly stronger. An Ark Mechanicus class vessel is equipped with a Nova Cannon, four Lance batteries, and two Weapons Batteries. This makes these rarely-seen ships truly mighty opponents on the rare occasions that their journeys are interrupted by battle.[1] So valuable is an Ark Mechanicus that the destruction of an entire Forge World, just to reawaken the ship's Machine Spirit is considered a small price to pay.[2b] The extreme rarity of these venerable ships is such that to discover one intact is a miracle to rival finding a fully functioning STC system, as only a handful of Ark Mechanicus are said to exist.[2b]

At least one Ark Mechanicus, the Speranza, secretly contains a fully functional and still updating STC. Archmagos Lexell Kotov theorized that all Ark Mechanicus secretly contained intact STCs and STC databases, the very things they were sent to find, but the Mechanicus just do not realize it and do not know how to access those functions. The knowledge of the STC was wiped from Kotov's mind upon disconnecting.[2]


Ark Mechanicus are among the largest ships of any in the Imperium. The extreme mass of these vessels create a distorted gravity field equivalent to that of an unstable moon.[2] Wider than a Dominator class cruiser is long, an Ark Mechanicus contains a hive’s worth of manufactories, refineries, power plants, laboratories, testing ranges, chemical vats, and gene-bays.[2] The engines of these vessels are larger than the full mass of most starships.[2]

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