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Arkhas Fal

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Arkhas Fal was the Shade Lord of the XIXth Legion during The Great Crusade, before the Legion was reunited with their Primarch Corvus Corax. He was exiled to the outer dark as part of a nomad-predation fleet, his eventual fate unknown.[1b]


Arkhas Fal was born on Terra and inducted in the XIXth Legion. As Shade Lord, he commanded the Legion for three decades,[1a] notably including the infamous Battle of Hell's Anvil.[3c]


After Corax took command of the Legion, he soon began to rebuild the Legion in his own image and sought to purge the newly named Raven Guard of its old modus operandi as a counter-insurgency, repression, and occupation force. Unfortunately, for Fal and several of the Raven Guard's highest ranking officers, this purge also meant their removal from their command positions; as Corax saw something akin to the slavers he had recently overthrown on Lycaeus in the Terran born Legionaries.[1a]

Soon after his removal, Fal was reassigned by Corax to take command of an independent nomad-predation fleet (Composed of Terran born Legionaries like himself) and tasked with serving his Legion, beyond the fringes of the Imperium's realm. What became of Fal and his fleet is unknown, as even after the Dropsite Massacre no effort was made to recall the former commander, to rejoin Corax's shattered Legion.[1b]

During the Horus Heresy there were speculations that fleets of exiles joined with the Warmaster, but no confirmation was found, and the true fate of those officers stripped of command may never be known.[3]

The Forgotten One

The title Shade Lord, only known to have been used by Fal during the Great Crusade, is used by Lord Tyberos of the Carcharodons,[2b] indicating that Arkhas Fal may have gone on to be the founder of that Chapter known as the Forgotten One.[2a]