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Armageddon (ship)

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The Armageddon was a Strike Cruiser of the Blood Ravens fleet that served in the Aurelian Crusade. Initially embarked to Calderis to combat an invading Ork Waaagh!, it conveyed Aramus's strike force to Typhon Primaris and Meridian, to combat Eldar raiders and a Tyranid Hive Fleet[1].

During the final battle at Typhon Primaris, the Armageddon engaged the Tyranid Bio-ships in orbit, while the Blood Ravens, led by Aramus and Captain Gabriel Angelos, poisoned the Tyranids' Capillary Towers and destroyed the swarm's primary Hive Tyrant. The Armageddon was destroyed, but bought the forces on the ground enough time to achieve their mission[1][2].

Many priceless chapter relics were lost with the ship.[2]