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Armageddon Class Battlecruiser

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the ship class. For other uses of Armageddon, see Armageddon (disambiguation).
Armageddon Class Battle Cruiser[1]

The Armageddon Class Battle Cruiser was designed to rapidly increase the number of battle cruisers available to the Imperial Navy during the Third War for Armageddon. Built exclusively from recovered shells of Lunar Class Cruisers, the Armageddon class upgraded the Lunar to an operational battle cruiser.[1][3]


The ship has a similar weapons layout to the Lunar Class Cruiser, with medium sized weapons batteries and two lance positions on each flank of the ship, as well as torpedoes. However, due to the increased power availability the Armageddon class possesses, these weapons now have a far greater range than their counterparts on a Lunar Class, and there is still enough power to feed two further lance positions, each with battleship range, on the dorsal section of the ship. A drawback to these increased abilities was apparent when the first crew manifest was drawn up: an extra three and a half thousand crewmen were needed to enable the ship to operate at peak efficiency.[1]

With the increased need for manpower on the Armageddon because of enhanced weapon systems and redesigned power relays, the ship is quite cramped, being built from ruined Lunar class cruiser hulls. This makes the Armageddon unsuitable for long-term exploration duties.[2]

Armageddon Class Battlecruiser[4]

Notable Armageddon Class Vessels

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5 km long, 0.8 km abeam at fins approx.[2]
  • Mass: 30 megatonnes approx.[2]
  • Crew: 98,500 crew; approx.[2]
  • Accel: 2.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration.[2]


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